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Being the new girl isn't the best thing in the world.trust me, i've been there and done that.My parents make me move around like there's no tomorrow.i lived in California,Florida,and even in Canada! i was tired of moving around, so i asked my mom and dad if i can move in with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bobby.after a few days of arguing over it, they let me move there and stay there.i was finally going stop moving around and settle down...

Chapter 1



Name: Alana Paige Abrams
Age: 17
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: grayish blue
From: Columbia, Ohio
Moving To: Lima, Ohio
Enemies: Santana, Karofksy, Azimio, Sue Sylvester
Personality: very sarcastic,funny, loving,caring,sweet,has a temper and etc
Loves To: sing, dance, play piano

other Characters: http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_images/E/EM/EMB/EMBERVANITY/1297646387_4494_full.jpeg

1st Row: Finn Hudson,Tina,Santana Lopez,Mike Chang,Brittany Pierce,Burt Hummel
2nd Row: Puck,Artie,Rachel,Merecedes,Terri Schuester,Emma
3rd Row:Kurt Hummel,Quinn Fabray,Mr.Figgins,Mr.Schuester, Sue Sylvester...

Additional Characters: Blaine and the Warblers,Sam Evans, and Lauren Zizes

My Car:http://www.allcarnames.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Car-Names-2010-Dodge-Charger.jpg

My Room: http://www.photoexit.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/solid-lavender-bedroom-design-ideas-2.jpg

"But mom i'm tired of moving around! i wanna stay in one spot!"
"but honey you know how our business is"
"yea i know, but everytime i bring this up, you bring up that stupid excuse!"
"don't use that tone of voice with me young lady!"
"fvck you mom!" i yell at her "god my mom is a biitch" i mumbled
"what was that young lady?"
"nothing mother" i say rolling my eyes and walking up the stairs...

i had enough of moving around a lot.i was tired of packing and unpacking.then i thought about my Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bobby.i dialed their number and my favorite cousin Artie anwsered the phone...

"Hey Alana, what's up?"
"arguing the rents, you?"
"i'm good, why?"
"you know how they always move around alot? well i want to settle down in one spot, you know? i don't wanna keep on packing and unpacking"
"is Aunt Kelly there?"

i can hear Aunt Kelly take the phone from Artie...

"Hi sweetie"
"hey do you think i can move in with you,Uncle B,Artie?"
"sure sweetie, your welcome anytime.but mind i ask why?"
"well mom and dad's business is wanting to move again, and i don't want to move again.i just want to settle down and continue my eduacation"
"let me talk to your mom"

i could tell Aunt Kelly was a little annoyied.which i wouldn't blame her.cause i knew if she was in my shoes, she'd be doing the same thing.i walked out of my room and down to the kitchen and handed the phone to my mom.i pretended to walk to my room.i sat on the stiars and listened to the conversation...

"i don't care! she's my child!"
"so who cares if she's old enough to make her own decision"

there was something my Aunt Kelly was always right about.since i was 17, alomst 18, i was considered an adult now.i went to my room and began to pace back and forth.then my mom walked in and said: "I'm sorry for what i said earlier.i understand that you don't wanna keep making new friends and that's why me and your dad came to an dicision of letting you go to Aunt Kelly's and Uncle Bobby's"
"really? i'm sorry for calling you a biitch"
"it's ok sweetie, oh you better get started on packing"
"already started"

i smiled and began to fold my shirts into a box.once i got that done, i began folding my jeans and shorts into a box.by the end of the night, my room was almost empty.

i'm really gonna miss this place i thought to myself.

i began putting the boxes in my car.i was leaving at 6 am.

~The Next Morning, at 5:50 am~

i woke up and did all the little things(take a shower, brush teeth deorderant...etc)i was getting the last of the boxes in the car.then i said: "i can't believe i'm leaving this place"
"i know sweetie, but if you need ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING just call"
"i know, i will mom" i say while hugging and kissing my mom on the cheek and hugging my dad.

i got in my car and started it.i backed out of the driveway and began my long drive to Lima...TBC

Hiii it's me AmberLighting.i hope you enjoied this chapter so far.and note up there where the Finn picture is, i will posting Finn Hudson pictures there you guys will know the story is about him...lol

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