Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 14)

Innocence by Avril Lavigne


Chapter 1

Feel calm,I belong,I'm so happy here.It's so strong and now I let myself be sincere.

I entered the boys' dorm and dropped the cloak on Harry's bed.I then made a beeline to my dorm.I opened the door to see Hermione nodding off to sleep while reading a book."Chloe! I was so worried.Where were you?" she asked.I told her everything."Oh Hermione,remind me to never trust boys." I said.Hermione gave me a comforting hug.
The next morning I woke up with dark circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep.Hermione had left a bowl of cereal and toast on my night table.Then an owl came into the room with a professional-looking letter.I opened it and to my horror it said:

Dear Miss Woods,

We are sorry to inform you that your parents have been killed by Death Eaters this morning at 7:00.The Ministry of Magic have agreed to put you in the Malfoys' care in the summer and the Weasleys' on Christmas.

The Minister of Magic
Cornelius Fudge

Tears betrayed me and started spilling down my face.I was in the care of the Malfoys.That blond Slytherin.Possibly the son of my parents' murderers.
4:00 came by like a blur.A lot of letters came to comfort me parents.I got excused from classes by Dumbledore so I hung around the common room a lot.From the couch to the girls' dorm,I was bored and sad at the same time.Then Hermione burst in and said,"Get dressed--formally." That was abrupt but I got dressed in:

I curled my hair and put on green eyeshadow to bring out my hazel eyes.I have no idea what was going on but you know Hermione,she makes everything work.Most of the time.I put on some red lipstick and sprayed on some vanilla and cherry perfume.Hermione came in with:

She had curled hair,too.She had put on a purple-ish kind of eyeshadow and lipgloss."What's this all about?" I asked."Oh you'll see." she said,raising an eyebrow and smirking.

She led me to the Great Hall."Why do we have to dress formally for dinner?" I asked."You be surprised." she said.She opened the Great Hall door and the whole school shouted,"SURPRISE!" "Like I said,you'd be surprised." said Hermione.
The rest of the night was a blast.If this party was for me to forget my parents' death,it was working.But a question kept popping up in my head.Who had planned this party.Definitely not Ron.He's too much of a dimwad to think of this.And with Harry stressed with the Triwizard Tournament,he'd be to busy.With Hermione studying and helping Harry with the Tournament,she'd be busy too.That only left one person.That certain Slytherin.Then Rainbow Veins by Owl City came on.My favorite song in the muggle world.I smiled.I turned around and saw Draco looking at me smiling.He then disappeared in the crowd.

I sat down at a table very similar to the ones at the Yule Ball.Probably the same ones.Then Dean and Seamus came and started talking to me.Then Cedric came and then when you least expect it,Zucchini came.Yes I said Zucchini."What do you want Zabini?" I asked."Nothing.Just sitting here." he said.Doesn't look like it,I thought."I'm gonna go get some punch." I said.I stood only to see Zucchini following me.Harry and Ron pulled him away and had a little 'chat' with him.Draco stuck around like a bodyguard.He had a black dress shirt with rolled up sleeves,black pants,a white tie and polished-black shoes.It felt like the first time we went on a real date,when we first met,when we first found out that we were made for each other.Then the Greengrass girl pulled him away.That killed the moment.Then I felt someone breathing down my neck.I turned around and saw the veggie boy.

I sneered and said,"What do you want,Zabini?" He said nothing.Then he planted his lips on mine.It was there for five seconds until I pushed him away.I slapped him and said,"I wonder what goes on in that thing you call a brain." I stormed out and to the Gryffindor common room.Before I could climb through the portrait hole,a hand gently grabbed my arm.I turned around to see Draco."Am I invited?" he asked with a raised eyebrow and smirk."Sure." I said,shrugging.

I entered the girls' dorm with Draco at my heels.Somehow the stairs didn't turn into a slide."Does it always smell this good?" he asked."I have no idea what you're talking about since I've been here since my first year." I said.He smirked.I brushed my teeth to get the taste of Zucchini out of my mouth.I then used mouthwash.

I grabbed some clothes and changed in the bathroom while Draco entertained himself by chucking owl treats at Megan,who was hooting as if she hit the jackpot.I changed into:

About five minutes later,the girls came in."What the h^ll's Malloy doing here?" said Lavender,looking at "Malloy".I glared at her and said,"I invited him here." She rolled her eyes.

About ten minutes like I realized it was 8:59."Oh sh^t!" I said.Before I knew it,it was 9."I gues you're gonna have to spend the night." I said to Draco."I can't sleep in these." he said,pointing to his pants,shirt and tie.I tapped his shoulder with my wand and he had on boxer shorts and a t-shirt."Where are my other clothes?" he asked."Folded on your bed.Zabini probably p^ssed his pants when the clothes popped up." I said.Draco sniggered.

"Lights out." said Hermione."Alright." I said.I turned off my lamp,making the room dark.

"I should've gotten into bed before turning off the lights." I said.I heard Draco snigger as I felt my way to my bed.I opened the curtains and climbed into bed."Ouch! You kneed my stomach." said Draco."Sorry." I said."Will you guys shut it?" yelled Lavender."No can do." said Draco.I giggled.Draco moved to the side.I climbed under the covers and fell asleep.
In the middle of the night,I fell off the bed,pulling the blankets with me which pulled Draco along."Ouch." I said as I got up.Draco got up and put the blankets on the bed.I turned around and faced Draco.His eyes,pale skin,blond hair...............I leaned closer.The only light showing in the room with the moonlight.Draco then put his hands on my waist and closed the gap between us.I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He led me onto the bed and we started snogging.His hand slipped under my shirt.I pulled his hand out."What goes up,must come down." I said.He smiled and pulled away."Are you willing to give me another chance?" he asked."Yes." I said,giving him another kiss.

Hey guys!! Girls,I mean.Well,Draco is back in Chloe's life.Now all he has to worry about is getting eaten by Daphne...........anyway,I hoped you like it and Happy Easter!!! Anyway,please CoMmEnT and rAtE! Love you guys!

-TheDeathEaterIsOnTheKill a.k.a. 10azngurl10


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