Not Alone (A Darren Criss Love Story)

Chapter 38

We're Not Gonna Take It

Joey's Point of View

As I stormed to rehearsal, racking my brains of ways to get Darren and Sami back in, I ran into Lauren. She said something, but I didn't listen. He walked in front of me and said, "Joey, what's wrong with you?" "Matt kicked Darren and Sami out." "WHAT?!" She yelled, and we continued to walk to rehearsal. "Well, what are we gonna do? He's been going crazy lately! He already fired Larry the Sound guy and Jake the Lights guy. We can't let Matt do this!" "Do what?" I looked over to see Tyler had joined us; when, I'm not sure. "Matt kicked Darren and Sami out." "No way! Why?" Lauren explained, then someone said, "We're not gonna let him do this, right?" I apparently zoned out, because I didn't recognize the voice who said that. I looked and saw most of the cast was walking with Tyler, Lauren and I, all angry. I stopped walking, and so did the mob. I smiled, thinking, ''If a mob can't persuade Matt to change his mind, nothing will.''

I stood on a bench and said, "So everyone knows what happened, right?" Everyone nodded or said 'yeah', so I continued. "And we're all pissed off, right?" This time, everyone yelled, "Right!" feeling the power swell over me, I yelled, "And are we gonna let Matt do this?!" "NO!" Everyone shouted back. "Are we gonna take this buIIshit?!" "NO!" I smiled and said, "Then let's do something about it." I jumped off the bench, and Tyler and Lauren were at my side in a second. A plan suddenly jumped into my head. "Tyler, go to rehearsal and steal some microphones, as many as you can get." He ran off, no questions asked, and then I turned to Lauren and said, "Lauren, go on iTunes and find a song. Any song that will inspire these guys to revolt." She smirked and said, "Way ahead of you." She took out her phone and showed me the perfect rebellion song. "Oh my god, Lauren! That's perfect. Now go around and make sure everyone knows the song." Lauren ran off.

About a half hour later, Tyler came back with a bag full of microphones. He passed them out while saying to me, "Matt almost caught me getting these. Luckily, he had just fired Jerry the Tech guy, who was furious, so Jerry helped me sneak these out while he was leaving." "God, Matt really is going crazy. He already fired half the crew!" Lauren ran up and said, as we put on our microphones, "Everyone knows it. And Joey, we want you to sing the lead. You started this and we want you to end it." I smiled and said, looking at my phone for the time, "Well, we're all two hours late for rehearsal. We're gonna walk in there, Matt's gonna yell at us, and that's our cue. Are you ready?!" Everyone shouted back, "YEAH!" I smiled and said, cracking my knuckles, "Then let's do this."

I really wish someone had been there to record us or something, because I'm sure we looked epic walking to rehearsal: Tyler and Lauren were on either side of me and the mob flared out behind us. We walked in and Matt screamed at us, right on cue. "Where the heII have you guys been?! We are so behind schedule. I've already had to fire ten people from crew and two leads, so unless you all want to get fire-" "I dare you to fire us." I said, sounding much stronger than I was feeling. Matt said, half exhausted and half annoyed, "What the heII are you talking about, Joey?" "You fire Darren and Sami, you fire all of us. Darren came up with the idea for the show and if they go, well, we all go and the show is done." "I don't have to put up with this! Either you all get on stage right now in places for Act 1 Scene 2 or you're all fi-"

I smirked, thinking this was the perfect place and I yell-sang, "We're not gonna take it! No, we ain't gonna take it! We're not gonna take it, anymore!" Then the entire cast came in and we sang "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister, while Matt stood in awe. (If you don't know the song, I suggest YouTubing it). At the end, I repeated, "If Darren and Sami go, we all go."

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