Not Alone (A Darren Criss Love Story)

Chapter 3

Two Is Better Than One

As we walked out on the dance floor, 'Just Dance' by Lady GaGa was playing. We danced for a few songs, twirling and jumping, then 'Two Is Better Than One' by Boys Like girls came on. He smiled and moved a little closer to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. "So Sami, what are you going to U of M for?" He asked. I smiled and said, "It's Samantha, and I'm going into the Fine Arts Program. I want to be an artist." He smiled wide and said, "Well, whadda know. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other. I'm in the Fine Arts program, as well." "Oh really? Let me guess... actor?" He smiled and said, "Very good!" We laughed and I said, "So you're a junior?" "Close; I'm a Sophomore." I smiled and leaned my head on his chest.

We swayed through the rest of the song, and he sang the lyrics in my ear; "''I remember what you wore on the first day. You came into my lief and I thought hey... maybe it's true that I can't live without you. Maybe two is better than one. But there's so much time to figure out the rest of my life and you've already got me coming undone. And I'm thinking I can't live without you. 'Cause, baby, two is better than one.''" The song ended and Darren rested his head on top of mine. This moment couldn't be better.

The music suddenly stopped and I looekd to the DJ table to see Rachel, looking a little tipsy. She was holding the microphone and said, "Hey everyone! I just wanted to say a big congratulations to my bestest friend, Samantha Wakefield!" Everyone clapped, a spotlight shown on me and everyone looked at me. The spotlight faded and everyone went back to the party. Darren smiled and said, "Want to get something to drink?" I nodded and we went to the bar. He ordered a beer, so I did too. ''It's only one drink...'' I thought. After the bartender gave us our drinks, Darren took a sip, and said, "So, why don't you like being called Sami?" I looked at him confused and he said, "Earlier I called you Sami and you corrected me pretty fast." I shrugged and said, "I've just always been Samantha." He looked at me for a second and said, "Can I call you Sami?" I smiled and said, "Sure."

Truth is, I never let anyone call me anything other than Samantha for one reason. My mother always called me Sam or Sami or anything else you can get from my full name. After she died... it hurt whenever anyone else called me it. I was only seven when she got diagnosed with her cancer, and she died a year later. At the time, I wasn't really sure why I let Darren call me Sami. When anyone else called me that, it hurt. But when he did, I could only smile.

We walked for a while, then he said, "You're amazing, Sami." I laughed and said, "I think you drank too much." He shook his head and said, "This is still my first beer." "Really?" I said, reaching for my 3rd, maybe 4th, beer. He took it from my hand and said, "On the other hand, I think you've had enough." I put my head in my hands and said, "I don't even like beer." He laughed and said, "I guess you must realyl like me." He smiled and took a sip of his beer. I blushed, but tried to play it off. I scoffed and said, "Ha, ego much?" He laughed and said, "Oh, so you don't like me." I looked at him and tried my hardest not to laugh when I said, "I don't like you." Though he looked a little hurt (I mean, we HAD been talking for almost five hours straight) he said, "Oh, so if I kissed you right now you would hate it." I smiled and, though my heart was pounding, I nodded. I smiled and said, "Okay, then I won't kiss you." He took a sip of his beer and I thought ''Well, didn't see that coming.'' I cleared my throat and said, "Well, you can kiss me if you want to." He smiled and said, "So you do like me?" Before I could answer, Rachel ran up to me. "Samantha, we have to go." "Why?" I said, not wanting to leave Darren. "I'm in a little trouble... there's this guy and we wanted to get me to come home with him but I didn't want to so I said no but he kept trying to convince me so I punched him and it kinda knocked him out and now he's in the coat closet but don't worry because he still has a pulse." Wow, longest sentence in one breath I've ever heard her say. I sighed and said, "Fine but you're driving home." She nodded and ran out. I stood up and said, "Bye Darren." Before I could leave, though, he took my hand. I turned and he said, giving me a napkin, "Here's my number. Please call me." I smiled and said, "Who likes who now?" He smiled and I said, "I'll call. Bye." I gave him a peck on the cheek and ran out.

I got in the car and Rach said, "So besides leaving early, how did you like it?" I smiled and said, "Best party ever."

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