Not Alone (A Darren Criss Love Story)

Chapter 1

Change My Life

"Aren't you excited?!" My friend, Rachel Garin screamed in my ear. I smiled and said, "Excited?! I'm nervous out of my mind!" She sighed and said, while opening her phone to send a text, "Relax, they'd be crazy not to accept you." I was sitting on my porch. Today was the day I was going to get a letter from my dream school; University of Michigan. Today was the day my whole life was changed. I was sitting with Rachel, patiently waiting for the mail to arrive. It usually shows up around noon, but today it was running late. I sat there, playing with the bracelet around my wrist. Rachel put her phone down and said, "I know just the way to cheer you up. Let's go get our nails done. My treat." I rolled my eyes and said, "No. I need to wait for the mail to come." "It'll still be here when you get back!" "But I need to know. Rach, I've been waiting for 18 years for this moment. I need to stay." She sighed and said, "Fine. But after you get accepted, I'm taking you out to lunch or something." I smiled and said, "Thanks Rachel." Suddenly, she squealed. The pointed to the neighborhood entrance. The mail truck was coming.

I ran to the end of my driveway and waited by the mail box. The truck rolled down the street. After what seemed like an eternity later, it stopped in front of me. Joe, the mail man, hopped out and said, "Today's the big day?" I nodded and said, "Is it in there?" He went through his pile to find my mail. Joe and I have known each other for forever. He was my neighbor when I was born. He's 21, but since he slacked off in high school, this was the best job he could get. Of course, he doesn't mind. He is the most social guy I know, and he loves talking to everyone on his route. He looked through the pile and said, "Here it is!" He handed it to me and I ripped it open. Rachel ran down and said, "Is it here?!" Joe nodded and I read the letter that would change my life:

Dear Samantha Wakefield,
We, at the University of Michigan, would first and foremost like to congratulate you on being accepted to our Fine Arts program.

There were more words, but I didn't read it. My mind froze. I was in. I made it. I couldn't believe this! Rach asked me something, but I wasn't listening. I zoned back in when Rachel snapped in front of my face. "Well?!" I showed her the letter. She squealed and said, "Congratulations!" Joe smiled and said, "Good job, Samantha. I gotta run but maybe we can celebrate later?" I smiled and said, "Sure." Rachel smiled and said, "I'm throwing you a HUGE party. I have a friend at U of M who knows everyone in the Performing Arts. I can invite everyone and you'll be popular before school even starts!" "I don't know..." "Come on, Samantha, we haven't had a big party since your Sweet Sixteen. We're doing this. I'll cal Becky right now." "And who's Becky...?" "My friend at U of M. She can text everyone about it and we'll be all set!" "Okay, but where?" She smiled and said, "Where else?! It'll be at Fifth Quarter!" Fifth Quarter is this cool dance club in Ann Arbor. Whenever we have a party or go to a party, it's almost always there. I smiled and said, "Let's do it."

I couldn't stop smiling. Today my life changed forever.

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