Draco & Dusk

heyy evrybody! im makin my first draco love story ( though beleive me i have read and love alot) plz comment and tell me how i can do better and if u liked it or not and stuff!! :D
This is my main character!

name: Dusk Tersan
age: 11
family: pureblood but died when Dusk was a baby
appearance: pale blonde hair, pale skin, dark eyes with heavy lashes, small and slim
wand: seqoia, 10",phoenix feather and dragon heartstring, springy
house: slytherin of course!

Chapter 1


I've lived in care homes my whole life. Nobody knows who my parents were, I was just left in a hospital lift and taken into the first of many Homes. My finding was and still is a complete mystery, not just because of the obvious reasons, but because the hospital survelance cameras should have seen whoever abandoned me, but they didn't, I simply appeared when the lift doors opened, in a antique cradle with my name carved in it, Dusk Tersan.

I change care homes alot, I'm supposedly a 'problem child', but I'm not bad, I'm quiet and no one really notices me which is good, but because things sometimes happen around me. Weird things, mysteries just like my finding. Mysteries that countless social workers have tried to solve but always end up moving me to another care home for.

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