My Demigod Story

ok choose a character and stick to it, they are below. also if you want to be in it as a backgroung character let me know ASAP.

Ella is me, I havn't put in a description but you will find out more about me as you read the story.

please dont relate it to the book as Luke doesnt go bad, all the characters from the book are there except Nico and Rachel because you dont know about them. There are 12 cabins.

Pick a character or just read it :)

Enjoy ^_^
Please, Please comment :)

Chapter 1

Character Info

Character 1
Mathew Skymore, Son of Apollo
Age: 16 yrs, 23 August
Hair: Messy, straw-like,strawberry blond colour
Eyes: Bue-greyish colour, but more blue
Body: Tall. thin, sporty, tanned
Likes: Archery, Sports, Capture the flag, Music and camp activities
Dislikes: Girlie girls, cranky serious uptight people.
Personality: Funny, weird, adventurous, a little bit stuborn, crazy, can be serious.... sometimes..... ok never,rebelious, loves to play pranks!
Talents: Archery, sword play, music, good at finding trouble and pranking, annoying people.
Favourite word/ phrase: lol, I was like Oh My Gods! (Omg's), Dude chill out, Stop bickering you lot!, I'm in charge here wise guy!, Hahaha gotchya! Peace out suckers Waaaaaaaah!!
* he has freckles
* cant take anything serious and is totally immature :)

Character 2
James Talosk, Son of Athena
Age: 15 yrs, 11th june
Hair: dark brown, short
Eyes: grey
Body: short, thin, fast runner
Likes: Logic games and puzzles, being the leader, reading, swordplay, capture the flag and other camp activities
Dislikes: Not knowing whats going on, not being the leader or center of attention, immature people
Personality: Bossy, serious, uptight, always has to be right, however when relaxed can be fun to be around.... sometimes
Talents: Annoying people, boring people to death with lectures and boring facts, swordfighting, Logic puzzles, remembering things
Things he says often: Oh please will you shut it! I'm trying to concerntrate, shush your so loud!

Character 3
Joanne (Jo) Black, Daughter of Hermes
Age: 15 yrs, 7th March
Hair: Black, sholder lenght, straight
Eyes: nut brown, almond shape
Body: thin, medium height, sporty and stealthy
Likes: Stealing, trickery, pranking and capture the flag
Dislikes: Sitting still (but then what demigod does? and ADHD doesnt help), being told what to do, studying
Personality: Sly, Cunning, rebelious, never backs down, cheeky, is very fast and stealthy
Talents: Theft, pranking, swordfighting
Favourite/ most commonly used words: No duh!, of course it was me! who else!, Gah you are soooooo not stealthy!, shut it wise guy!

Character 4
Henry Frye, Son of Apollo
Age: 14 yrs, 8th November
Hair: medium brown, above sholder but below ear lenght
Eyes: Blue-Grey like Matt's, changes from blue to grey with emotions
Body:Medium height, thin, lightly tanned skin, a few scars and burns up arms
Likes: Goofing around and making up random songs with random lyrics (but hey that comes with having Apollo as your Dad), Archery, Swordplay, music, sport, capture the flag, having fun and a laugh, camp activities, reading, bright colours.
Dislikes: Girley-girls, unimaginative people, Bossy people who think they're always right, sitting still (again the ADHD thing), not being in on the action
Talents: very, very fast; music, sport, capture the flag, creative thinking
Personality: Funny, always up for an adventure, rebelious, can be really serious
Things he says alot: Bother, Oh unicorn turds!, Your so thick!, braccas meas vescimini (eat my pants),

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