Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 10

sorry its so short didn't have alot time to write.ive been out running for track and getting ready for easter but i'll still write! next one will be WAY longer and BETTER!!!!


Chapter 1

driven by lust, blinded by love...

she gripped the wall to her left her nails digging in.i could tell she was fighting him.i also knew who was doing this to her.i watched and followed her in agony as her body carried her against her will where the dark lord needed her to go.we stopped in front of the room of requirement and a door appeared.

she opened it and i followed her inside before it closed.the room was full of mismatched items and i knew exactly where we were.the vanishing cabinet is in here!she ran her hands along the shelves slowly down every aisle.then she stopped and picked up a locket.her fingers glided over the smooth metal.then she flicked it open and with a snarl of anger threw it to the ground.i knew she wasn't was the dark lord.

the locket clattered to the ground the glass inside shattering.then she fell sideways as if fainting.i was to late to catch her.but she fell instead onto her knees the glass cut deep into her palms.she was shaking all over but she seemed to returned back to normal.her voice seemed so small so defenseless when she said."is it over?"

i helped her to her feet.she grabbed my arms in a iron like grip.her face buried itself in my chest."please dont let it happen again!"she cried.i stroked her hair but didn't would happen again and i think we both knew that.

****************** Anastasia's P.O.V

the next morning was palms were crisscrossed with healing cuts that stung and my stomach felt like it would heave any second i put anything in it.i was walking downstairs with Sam and Tatiana who were getting along very well. Sam kept glancing at me a worried expression on her face.i smiled weakly at her to stop her worrying.

the drone of the great hall seemed to ring in my ears and i winced when the doors opened.i was sitting watching the others eat when someone tapped my was goyle."Draco said to give you a message"he said.i flinched at how loud his voice was."ok then give it to me"i said a bit to harshly."oh ya ya,he said hell meet you tonight"he grumbled and walked away.confused i turned back to the table.

"you should really eat"said Tatiana.her blonde curls obscured most of her face. Sam nodded"ya you really should."she said.her dark blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail today.her curved eyebrows were knitted together anxiously.i sighed."im not in the mood for food"i said and pushed my plate of food away.i could hear the two of them whispering about me but i didn't care.


Draco wasn't in any of my classes and in potions something weird happened.

a cold chill settled over me and my hands became shaky.harry was my partner was uncomfortable but it didn't seem to mind him.the cold crawled over my skin and i immediately knew what was going to happen.i dropped the glass vial in my hand and it dropped to the floor with a gentle sound of shattering glass.snapes head turned to me and harry hurriedly kneeled down and picked up the pieces.

when snape turned away i cupped my hand over my mouth to stop myself from screaming.the cold seeped into my pores.gulping down a huge lungful of air i forced my hands to stay still clenched on the table top.

harry glanced at me and mouthed 'are you OK?'.i shook my head yes and tried to get back to hands wouldn't cooperate and i forced them by my sides.the hand was pulling at the edge of my mind but this time i was to pulled away from my mind slowly.

i gasped and snape turned to me again his eyes searched every feature of my face and i tried to look hands wouldn't stop shaking so i folded them together.but i could still feel his dark eyes penetrating the back of my head as he stood behind me.


i was curled on the couch in the common room.i rested my head on the arm of the eye were heavy and i felt like i would fall asleep any second.arms wrapped tightly around me woke me instantly."Draco?"i whispered surprised."yes?"he said.i turned in his arms so our faces were inches apart."where were you?"i asked.his eyes clouded."i had business>"he said curtly.i bit back my retort and let him kiss me.his lips were soft and warm but i felt a cold enter my heart like the slithering snake that adorned our house crest.

he pulled away from me."im tired"i said trying to get up from under him.he held me down."no,your not gonna leave me that soon.not since lately you've been ignoring me."he said and pressed his lips into my neck.i pushed at his shoulder."no seriously Draco.get off"i said.he raise his head and looked at me.his eyes were different.they seemed angry and confused.he tried to slip his hands under my shirt but this time they were rough not gentle.i pulled against him squirming."Draco get off!" i almost cried.

he jumped away from me.he looked ashamed."im sorry..."he whispered and turned walking well almost running to his room.i picked up a pillow fro the couch stuffing it over my face hoping it would take me away from all my troubles and this loving nightmare....TBC


AUTHORS NOTE: okay you know the deal 5 comments=next chapter.i need some ides so if you could message me them that would be great.dont forget i love feedback(it makes me write better) so comment all your love !


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