Puppy Love A Sesshomaru Love Story

The Title Says It All.....Now Read!!

Chapter 1


by: TechNerd
"Daiya! We need another round of tea" Daiya walked out her small cabin sized room and into the small area where her fat lazy mother and father sat. Daiya started to pour them their tea. When he mother's loud laugh rattled her and made her drop the tea pot. It shattered throwing hot tea all over Daiya's feet. She screamed as she did a silly dance trying to cool it off. Her mother screamed. "You waisted our tea!" Her father threw the glass at Daiya missing by an inch. His fat chubby arm was always off aim. Her mother calmed and then tossed the bucket at her daughter's feet. "Now go get some more water and make more you slob!" Daiya noded being very respectful and then walked to the door. She closed the screen and slid her shoes on,she was almost a grown woman taking care of her lazy fat parents. She was almost 20 for crying out loud! Daiya kept yelling in her mind until she reached the well at the edge of the forest. Daiya tied the bucket to the rope and lowered it down,she waited and then started to pull it up. It then got heavy,Daiya's weight released and she fell in with the bucket. Daiya screamed as she splashed into the cool earth smelling water,she screamed kicking. Daiya couldn't swim and the water was too deep for her to stand. Daiya sucked in water and coughed,she then heard a voice yell. "Grab the rope!" Daiya felt for the rope and grabbed,she was then lifted and pulled onto the grass.She then saw a man and his young son standing over her. The small boy tugged at Daiya's sleeve. "You O ta miss?" Daiya scuffed and sat up cold. The man then laughed. "You took quite a fall" Daiya noded rubbing her head. "Yea I am fine now though thank you so much sir. Is there anything I can do to repay you?" The man shook his head. "No ma'm saving you is good enough. Now do you have a family I can take ya home to?" Daiya started to say "Yes" But hesitated and said. "No..I never knew my parents" The old man gasped. "Well you are welcome to stay with me and my son." Daiya smiled then shook her head. "No sir I have to get back to my house" The old man smiled. "You be careful missy" Daiya smiled and noded. "I will" She watched as they walked away. Daiya looked down at the well,what was that heavy to pull her down? She picked up the bucket that laid on the ground. She then turned and looked at the village. She threw the bucket down and stomped it,after it didn't break she stomped it again until it was crushed. She then reached down pulling a piece of her kimono into her hands and tore a piece of the cloth off tossing it on the ground. Daiya darted into the dark forest not even looking back. She was finally free! 20 years of her miserable life and she was finally free! Daiya walked for about 2 hours before she got so tired she just fell to her knees then rested her back on a rock. She sighs rubbing her eyes she then let out a peaceful sigh.

Next Morning

Daiya woke up to a small touch on her nose,she then wiped her nose. A few minutes later it went at it again. She opened her eyes and found cherry blossoms falling all around her. She let her eyes sparkle,as the cherry blossoms danced around her in the breeze and she had never seen anything more beautiful. Daiya yawned and then heard something over the rock she was leaning against,seeing a hot spring. Daiya grins,then stood up sliding onto the other bank of the hot spring. She squealed and then slid her kimono off and stepped into the hot spring,she walked in waist deep and then sunk in. It felt good to be free,so great. She just had to figure out how to start a new life. Her thoughts were then broken when she heard moving of the water. She ducked down so her mouth was under the water. She then peeked over the rocks to see a boy. She stayed quiet,he was running his fingers in and out his hair. Untangling his long silky white hair,his body was perfectly toned and fit. His skin was smooth and flawless. "How long are you going to stare?" Daiya jumped as he had said that,he had to be talking to her. The boy looked over at Daiya he stood up walking over to her. He was waist deep in the water. He found the human harmless to he didn't bother to attack. He glared at the peeping human. Daiya couldn't find her words. "I..R...I-I am sorry!" Daiya yapped shaking her head,he looked at the human up and down. That was when Daiya realized she was out the water. She went red and sunk behind the rocks out of his view. The boy then took the girls face in his hands,he looked at her. What did his brother see in humans? Sesshomaru took in the girls scent she smelled like sweet tea and sugar. Was that the reason he like that human. Daiya wiggled at the stranger;s grip. "Umm..Y-you..sir let go of me!" She paniced shoving him away. He growled,then said turning his back to her. "Go get dressed and don't run" Daiya,shook her head yes. Then crawled onto the land she slid her kimono on and rung her damp hair out. What did that guy want with her? A human?

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