The Circle of Cutting

Chapter 1

The Urge, The Pain, The Relief

I looked at the blade
The blade looked at me
My dept must be paid
And so it must be

I really did try
to fight this urge hard
but im weak as a fly
so i hide in my room, guilty as charged

I pull up my sleeve
and wince at the scars
is this my life?
trapped behind bars

I traced the knife along my skin
I dont really want to hurt my loved ones
what would happen to my kin?
with my life full of knives and guns

Over the bridge, or up the river
the choice of life and death
my heart cringed like it was just punched
I wonder if hell is just a myth

My friends a fierce lions
ready to pounce at the sight of me cutting
but no one can stop me
when i perform this sin in hidding

The tip of the blade slits my skin
blood slides down my arm like punch on snow
I know i cant win
I laydown real slow

I drown in the relief
hoping it will last longer this time
It is my belief
that this feeling is no crime

Yet the guilt comes anyway
when i see the look on his face
I dont know what to say
So i lock my heart in a case.


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