xMOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON QUIBBLO ♥- see if you made the list!

xMOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON QUIBBLO ♥- see if you made the list!

This is my list of the most beautiful people on quibblo, FR me and be nice you may make the list friends! :)
Oh, and I mean beautiful on the INSIDE in case you didn't guess. XD lol none of that materialistic or stereotypical things allowed past this line, k?
I will be updating this alot!! Plz message these ppl let em know theyre on the list. K THX.
also sorry but my underscores hate me so i will be putting em in brackets instead.

Chapter 1

xxThe List_♥

Don't be mad if you do not make this list, I will be updating it regularly. Try to make a difference, you might see your name here oneday. :) Here goes guys, i love you all! ♥♥♥

She was my first ever friend on Quibblo, and although offline alot, has been an inspiration ot me and so many others for so long!

Haley is just one of those people you can't help but love, and has such a wonderful humor that it inspires me everyday! I love you Haley!

She is very spiritual, and has a beautiful soul. Read her profile, it is very inspirational. She is a wonderful person, and very artistic and open minded. :)

She has such a simple, beautiful way, and it is inspiring to me in so mnay ways! Danielle is a beautiful person inside and out and accepts all friend requests, so go leave one if you wanna know this beautiful person!

Savannah is just an all round beautiful soul, and is standing up against all of the posers and haters in this world! She is a genuinely beautiful person on the outside as well as the inside and inspires me everyday!! She doesn't care a bit about all the people that think shes fake, which she is definitely 100% not!!

Cameron is a wonderful person, and so fresh! He's cool, passionate, funny and a romantic, so go leave him a FR!!

She is a great soul who wants to help this world, and is a guitar playing, song writing, weird(in a good way!) vegetarian!

She has such a hilarious, dark dry humor that leaves everyone around her in stitches all the time! Amber (call her Alex, though) is a great person who is passionate and sweet and so funny!

Becca is an all around fun person, with a humor so fresh it amazes me! She is random and sweet, and loves so much music! She is just so great to be around, which is why she has made this list! She also accepts all friend requests, so go on and meet this beautiful person!!

Zayn is just one of those guys who is so funny its hard not to laugh when he says 'hi.' He is so open with his family, and an altogether beautiful soul!!

Dwight is an altogether hilarious guy, and is so so random and funny that it is not wonder he and Lacey throw stuff at each other. Like, all the time. :P lol got FR him!!

This girl is so so sweet, and her relationship with Nick has continued to inspire so many love lost people in this world for so long. Hurry up and get married you two, we love you both so much and your beautiful dorky way (lol) that I and so many people would just so easily give up on love if the wedding was ever called off! :) good luck you two love birds!!

She is stubborn and HILARIOUS and always stands up for what she believes in! She doesn't believe in haters, and thinks she is absolutely fine just the way she is. And you are!! Keep fighting for what you believe in girl!!!

Aly is one of the most adorable, cutest, sweetest friendliest people i've ever known in MY LIFE, so if you don't go friend request her right now there is something wrong with you!!! 0.o

Although she hasn't done anything with her profile yet, Cailin is one of my best friends in the world!! If you don't like her instantly, then I don't blame you cuz she is meeeeaaaan!!! :p naw jk jk i love caitlin so so much she is a buddhist who is lookiing at wicca (so am i lol :p) and has such a beautiful soul that it hurts not to love her lol!! XD she is loud funny random weird annoying awesome crazy psycho unstable lololol spiritual bestest person you will meet and so cool ily caitly omg go FR her now so that when she is online she knows she is loved why the heckness are you still here? go go go friend request her she will accept all of them i promise!! :P

Nick and Jase are two of the coolest guys you will ever, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever IN YOUR LIFE ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever meet so go and friend request them they are the ebst and both so so funny!! They have a bet going on whose better looking lol so go vote while you're there!

Connor is short, sweet and simple, and one of those people on quibblo who is so far from a hater its HILARIOUS!!! He is so so funny and him AND his profile cracks me up constantly!

Danielle is one of the most inside and out beautiful people i've ever met, and her STUNNING personality never ceases to amaze and enthrall me!

Tara. Beautiful. Romantic. I have no words for theses two, go see for yourself. If these two ever broke up, the world would gve up on love.

Star (Starlyn). Wow. I can't believe how she doesn't see herself as the prettiest person. She is. She is amazing. She is funny. Go FR her before it is too late she is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so funny and great grr you should not be reading this go FR her already!!!

She has ACTUALLY taken the liberty on her profile to talk about how she is against haters! I love her for her openess and friendliness and love of music!

Bailey is a wonderful person who is passionate about her life and is not afraid to fight for what she believes in! She is an altogether great different person and if you don't like her stuff you!! XD

Mary is just such a free spirit, and always so happy and positive!!

Ariana is a fun, deep-hearted person who makes you just want to hug her for her gorgeous nature!

He is a romantic, awesome kind of guy you can't help but love to death! XD the following is from his profile: You Give Me Butterflies When We Kiss. You Light Up My World When Youre Here. You Make Me Giggle When You Say Those Cute Little Phrases. You Make Me Look Forward To Our Future Together. You Make Me Feel Loved. I Love You Jarrett ♥ March 29th, 2011 ♥

Gerardo is loud hilarious and random, and makes at least fifty people smile a day!!!

Torie is a wonderful person whose love for her sweetheart Jeremy inspires so many people everyday!

Katie is a die hard romantic. She is passionate about helping out this world and all of the people and animals in it. The following is an extract from her profile: ....But call me Kat (Meow:3) I'm 17, and one of the most romantic people You'll ever know :3 I believe in Love, with all my heart. i'm just having trouble finding it. I love music,the color black, as well as purple, snowtigers, and England! England people have the best accents! Chrissy is my bestest Bro, and Blaine, Katie, and Dewey and many others are some of my best friends! Anything else, ask me in a message or comment! please! ~KitKat P.S. LOVE YOU ALL, AND SAVE THE WHALES!! XD

Beautiful heart, soul of a poet. Quote from profile: │first love is the sweetest, first cut is the deepest.│

She is artistic, beautiful-minded, and a true poet. (if you'll call it that lol she said that on her profile!!) She loves to live and loves to laugh so go FR her right now!!

She loves writing, music and photography, and is one of the most soulful people I know!!! She accepts all Friend Requests, so go call her up! XD the following is from her profile:
Hey guys,it's me,CriminalLover(Or Broken_Vodka_Bottle).Just here to say that I love writing,it keeps me sane(other than music)and if you don't like my writings,it doesn't matter:I'm still gonna write.I love photography,my best friends(Madi,Brookie,and Alyssa)and I accept any and all friend requests.

Stone is one of the coolest guys I know, and so hilarious!! He is a die-hard, hopeless, psycho romantic, and his and Carly's relationship is the most beautiful I have ever seen and never fails to make me stop and stare in complete awe!!!! He and Carly go great together, and are the sweetest people I know!

Ohhh, Lacey!!! Lacey Jayy is officially the coolest person you will ever meet, hate on her and feel my wrath bittches!!! >< _he is the LOUDEST funniest MOST RANDOM coolest HANDSDOWNAWESOME weirdest CRAZIEST most fun MOST BEAUTIFUL person you will EVER MEET IN YOUR LIFE MY GOSH GO FR HER RIGHT NOW!!! lol Lacey is awesome in case I haven't mentioned it!! The following is her very long very funny profile info:
♥Girls And Boys In The Red Light District, You Can Watch Her Spin 'Round A Pole Just Like A Beauty Queen, Boys And Girls In The Red Light District, Take It To My Private Room, I'll Make You Dirty Boys Blush Blush Blush Blush♥ Ladies&Gentlemen, Whores&Sluts, Welcome To My Page, ;). Anyhooooo, Lacey Jayy's My Name, Keep That Locked Up In Your Head, Kayy?? Occupation? Rawring At Strangers. Straight. Atheist. Relationship Status? Single. Sucks, Huh? Let's Talk(; Imm Justa Person. Nothing Special. Dwight Is Mii Bestest Buddy! I Found Him First! So He Is Mine! I Have An Addiction To Dortitos, Coffee&Straightening My Hair. :) Some Musical Things I Listen To? Black Veil Brides, Escape The Fate, Alesana, blessthefall, Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive, Amy Can Flyy, Blood On The Dance Floor, Alkaline Trio&Bring Me The Horizon. I Play Guitar, Dance In The Wal-Mart ParkingLot, Do My Own Piercings&Hair, Live In My Own Imaginary World, And Have My Own NerdHerd. xD I'll Tell You Anything Yuu Want To Know! :D

She is random HILARIOUS spiritual and loves the paranormal and has helped me through some weird shitt so don't just stand here go friend request her!!!

This chick is one of the sweetest I know! She has a full warm heart and is so beautiful I wanna cry talking ot her and she is so so sweet!

She speaks for herself. She is beautiful. She is wonderful. Here is her profile description: hy my name is maria I am really nice I dont like making fun of people I will accept enyone as a frind I was born in Russa than adoped by a nice mom and dad I am 15 and love clothes and shopping at brige street and madisi sguare

She is a beautiful vampire academy fanatic, and a huge geek go hug her go love her go friend her go eat her she is the best srsly!

Alyssa is probably one of the best people on my friends list. She is incredibly pretty and I don't think she acknowledges that in herself too often! She never ceases to amaze me in her inside and outside beauty or in her wonderful way of living and saracstic humor that we all love so much! Go Friend Request her or answer to my crazy purple dragon who i didn't just make up to scare you. 0.o

She is artistic and funny and awesome, so if you are still reading this instead of going to FR her you have issues!! XD

This girl is sweet and composed, however awful a speller she finds herself to be. :P

She loves kawaii anime hello kitty invader zim all that stuff and is AH-DOH-RAH-BOO so go send her friend request or i will send out that dragon i mentioned earlier. She is adorable and sweet and kind and i love her and so should you!!

She is so so cool, and funny, and has a beautiful sense of humor. She loves to laugh, draw, and more than anything loves her friends so why don't you go become one of them?? :D

Jessi is one of the coolest people ON THIS PLANET and is so so nice and kind and sweet you just have to get to know her and all of you people who call her fake back off you haters you're the fake ones!! XD She is so cool and HILARIOUS and has great self esteem and takes all of my quizzes, and sends so many nice commetns and messages and is weird in such a great way go send her a friend request she is coolio you can't possibly hate on the girl unless you are a cyborg in which case I will have to sic my dragon on you!! XD

Gaby is adorable cute random gorgeous love her you iwn hate her your loss oh well! :D She is kind of a dork but so so funny and open minded and makes me smile (alot) reading her profile so shouldn't you do that to? The answer? Yes. Yes you should.

Jade is one of those people that although simple, just looking at them makes you want to send them a flurry of nice messages and hugs so go do just that!

Anna. You can't possibly hate the girl she is just so great and beautiful and artistic and funny and cool my gosh! XD

She cracks me up all the fruitin' time (im sorry i don't even know what that was. 0.o) and is so HILARIOUS and cool and loud and awesome and beautiful in and out!

She is a major book fan and loves all the same books as me. She is very artistic and funny and so nice! And hey, don't worry, I couldn't eat after human centipede either yuck!! O_O

OMG well what a girl! :) she is so so nice and spiritual, and loves the paranormal! Shannon has helped me through alot of stuff and I am forever greatful! She shares my passion for the paranormal and ghosts and spirits and yeah... she is great! She is so sweet and incredibly pretty and so so so so nice you can't not love her! :D

Coolest girl. So funny. Confusing. Great Taste In Everything. Love her cuz hating is not an option she is so great!

Grace is so so so so so so sweet and kind and funny, go send her a friend request words can't describe how great this girl is my gosh lol! She is so so cool you can't hate this girl no really it is impossible i would swear she has some voodoo spell i can't not love the girl ahaha well why are you still reading this go talk to her!!!

She is is different (yes in a good way! XD) Shelly (Michelle call her shelly) writes stories and is motivational and is loud and awesome!

He is aweosme and weird and crazy and motivational!!

She is aweosme. Simple as that. Go look her up. GO NOW!!!!!!! XD

This girl is so damn inspirational with her pictures and quotes and just altogether a beautiful person! This is her profile: Keep me beneath the stars, won't let me touch the sky ♥

Beautiful soul. Soul of a poet. Amazing. Fantastic. Hates labels. Accepts all friend requests so go send one!!

This girl is so fresh and so so pretty and funny and kind my gosh she is definitely top of the list!

Coolest girl, she was one of my first friends on this site and now has 863. XO ohmigosh!! right? It's cuz she is so goshdarned nice and funny and awesome!

She is so so funny and open about herself and weird and crazy!! XD

A shared account between Tay and Anna, both wonderful people! XD

zakk is probably the coolest heart-breaker you'll ever miss and cry over ladies and gents. ohhh well get over yourselves! (XD lolz) ahaha taken by the lovely Aubrey. ahem and now an extract from his profile:
*Wello! Ⓩⓐⓚⓚ be his name, stealing ♥'s is his game :) Hell broke loose October 3rd... he's childish, random, he laughs at serious moments, face it he's a nerd,I LOVE HIM! =D Without Zakk in your life your really missing out, his friends && family are theyre always by his side even when he acts like a complete idiot, and trust me he is... Hes in love with me, Princess Aubrey. (; Ive been in love with him since i met him, hes got my ♥ forever, we have 3 kids, (yeah thats right i stole his V cards!) named Ash, Jiggle && Toria, I know for a fact without this amazing boy in my life i wouldnt have dragons, smiles or the washing machines that I do... I cant even believe hes my boyfriend, let alone my best friend. Were hopeless romantics and we make each other fail school. I love his family like my own. Including mum, dad, Eve, Griffin (Charmander) and lil Alfie... This boy is everything i can ever want. Zakk ᵢᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ baby ①-⑪-⑩ - Aubrey your ναℓєηтιηє *

Absolutely 100% cry-over beautiful inside and out. Artistic. Amazing. Crazy. Love her. Different. In a good way lol she is probably the most creative mind you will ever meet cuz i knwo she is that for me! :)

Beautiful mind, beautiful soul. I love her, you love her, or you should. :) she is wonderful, you can't hate on the girl. From her profile: I have many names. I dont care about my relationship status.Well,Im undenyingly quiet. I don't like people who are full of themselves. Sometimes I let people take advantage of me. Well That's about it.

Tara is absolutely STUNNING on the outside, GORGEOUS on the inside, so so funny and awesome!

She is passionate about the planet, gorgeous inside and outside so random so so so nice has over 5000 friends and loves em all (including me mwahahaha) Shes a vegetarian and wants to be a vet which I think she should do you go for it girll!!!!

Seriously, hands down, no competition, coolest guy. EVER.
Amazingly funny, never ceases to amaze me in his randomness, and deserves the wonderful Angela just as she deserves him. Ahaha Johnny is seriously #1 coolness of quibblo, and is beautiful because of his ability and how he tries to make everyone laugh so often!!!!!!!!

This girl is pretty inside and out, artistic funny loves music and is a hopeless romantic!

This girl is one of the most inspirational people on quibblo ever. She constantly puts up inspirational pictures and poems and sayings and quotes, and it is wonderful! Here is her profile: Laugh Your Heart Out, Love Every Minute That You Live, Dance In The Rain Like There's No Tomorrow, Ignore The Pain, The Hurt, The Rumours, Forgive And Forget, Life Is Too Short To Live With These Regrets . The Only Rule Is Don't Be Boring, Wear A Cute Dress, Because Life Is Too Short To Blend In . Live Life To The Fullest And Don't Live In The Past . These are great words to live by . =]]

She is a wonderful funny person who wants to be a vet. Dionna loves to talk to people and is openly nice, so send her a message!

She has a hilarious fresh clean sense of humor and is just one of those inside and out beautiful people. Don't delete Millie!

She loves reading, and her friends, and is very spiritually aware, which is one of my favorutie aspects in anyone! :)

She is really pretty and cool, and has a very inspirational quote as her profile description. She should have been on this list a long time ago, but i didn't know her well enough. Now that I do, I'm glad to say what a beautiful person she is!! :)



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