Love at Hogwarts: Year 1 Part 5: HARRY

Ok so i decided to put them in a story form so i can write more this one is harry's
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Chapter 1

Owls at the Window

You walk in your room and see your little owl "Babo" sitting at your window. You thought of Babo as your little baby since he was very young and under a year. He comes up to you and rubs he head in you hand. "Hi Babo what do you have for me?!" you talk out a letter from your parents it says
Dearest Fiona,
We are sorry we cant explain much of your past..many things happened to you. We have to leave you to protect you. We are very sorry but Dombledore will explain more. There is someone after both you and us. they are looking for you. We have arranged for you to stay at you birth fathers brothers home. You should know his kids...Ron, Fred and George. Again Dombledore will explain more to you. We promise that we will come back when its safe..We love you with all our heart...
Love Mum and Dad

You sit down on your bed shocked at what you have just read then you start to cry
"Fiona what's wrong?"Hermione asks
you just hand her the letter and she sits next to you and reads it. "Oh Fiona I am soo sorry'" she says and hugs you..."You should find Ron" she suggests and you nod. You set off with her and find Ron reading a letter in the comman room. he stands up and gives you and hug and you hug him back " well at least i have more family here" he says " ya i guess so" u reply and sit down next to hermione on the couch in front of the fire. Then Harry walks in he sits next to you and hermione but you just wipe a tear from your eyes "Fiona whats wrong" he asks you sigh 'what should i say i dont want to look stupid' "No no not really" you say and ron hands him the letter and he reads it " Oh Fiona i am so sorry i know how you feel" he says and gives you a hug. then you remember he also lost his parents. "What does it mean by your birth parents" ron asks "ron!" hemione whispers and hits him in the arm "I-I dont know" you say choking on your words.......


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