My Dream Come True(Based on a somewhat true love story)

Hello all! So... not really feeling the "XXX mins in heaven" series anymore so I'm just gonna stop writing those.(SORRY!) Well as in the title the story is kinda based on my last relationship with a boy who lived far away from where I lived, but told as how I would like our relationship to be( as i dream about). I made this as a group story so if anyone wants to include their ideas into the story I'll pick you to write it! I REALLY hope you like it! Comment and such! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

New Beginnings

"Wow!, it's SO beautiful here!" I say while looking at the coastline of the beach of my new town, while my mom drives us to our new place to live. "Yep! Sarasota is a beautiful place to live! No wonder you BEGGED for us to move here after I graduated from college!(my mom is 35 btw) This is gonna be a great new beginning for us!" My mom says with excitement. I nod and continue to look at the city I always dreamt of and think about all the new possibilities that were coming my way! Like finally reuniting with Jas, my ex boyfriend who broke up with me because of the distance between us, but soon would be surprised that we'll be together again, just like we both wanted! But also nervous because of starting all over again with friends, a new school, rebuilding my status of popular girl from my old school, and most of all how Jason would react to seeing me in person. "We're here!" My mom said, disrupting my thoughts. I got out of the car and looked at my new home. It was a 2 story, white house with black shudders, a huge front yard, and a red door. Something straight out of a home & garden magazine. "Wow! We're really moving here mom?" I asked with excitement and couriousness. She laughed and said "Of course booke!"(my nickname). "Well just dont stand there!, help me unload all of this stuff from the moving van!". I walked over to the moving van and picked up the box that said "Nik's stuff". I carried the box over to my new, awaiting home."This is it!" I said to myself, while opening the door slowly. T.b.c.! comment for thoughts and ideas so far!

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