Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 15

So you guys must really hate me for not posting these up faster but in my defense my computer crashed for 2 weeks. But that didnt stop me from typing so here is part 15. i have no idea when part 16 will be posted but lets just hope very soon... and sorry that it isnt very short but hopefully its good

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Chapter 1

Adriana's Birthday

by: kinewnew
So its been days since Scorpius had that breakdown. And as I guessed, he
had forgotten about it the next day.

Two days ago

“Good morning mommy,” Scorpius said to his mother, when he saw that she
was awake. She smiled warmly at him, “Good morning sweetheart.” He yawned
and looked around. “Where’s daddy?” he asked enthusiastically. She eyed him
warily, “He’s in the other room.” He smiled, “that’s silly why would he be in
there?” he said while running out of the room. She followed him out while
sighing. Scorpius ran into the room where his father was residing and plopped
down on the bed next to him. “Good morning dad,” Scorpius said smiling
brightly. Draco’s frown turned into a small smile as he looked at his son. Then
he turned to look at Adriana in a confused manner. She just shrugged and

“Happy Birthday Mommy,” a voice rang through the door happily.

Ah did I mention it was my birthday.

Scorpius came into the room accompanied by Narcissa who was smiling just
as brightly.

“Happy Birthday,” she said.

I groaned.

This was going to be a horrible birthday, the first birthday ever, when I wasn’t
surrounded by family.

My family.

Only Scorpius can make me happy today.

“Aw come on mommy, you have to be happy on your birthday,” Scorpius said
frowning at me disapprovingly.

I gave him a small smile, which he seemed to be satisfied with, he left the room.

“Come on hun, I have the whole ay planned out for you. First we'll get
massages and manicures and pedicures....” Narcissa droned on and on whilst
pulling me out of bed.

I gently removed my arm from her grasp and headed downstairs with her. She
led me into a dimly lit room. Of all my time visiting the Malfoy's Manor, this
room has been from my knowledge. It was filled with massage chairs, a big
pool filled with weird gray stuff and so many spa like things. It was

“So sweetie we should probably start with the mud bath,” Narcissa said

The mud what?

“Err... okay,” I told her unsure of what to think.

So I spent about five hours with Narcissa getting “Pampered up.” Truth be told, I

never felt this girlish ever, it was very.... weird.

“So that was nice right dear?” Naricissa asked excitedly.

I just nodded.

“Great, well you are free to go upstairs maybe you can go see if Scorpius is with Draco,”


I haven't seen him since yesterday night, he wasn't there when I woke up and
got bombarded by his mom and son. I headed upstairs into Draco's room. And
there was no one in there, typical. I sighed and walked over to the bed, only to
stop in my tracks as something flashy caught my eye. There sitting on the bed
was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my laugh. And I had my fair
share. It was long and red, though it did have a very flattering neck line, though
it was lined with silver. There was also a note attached to it.

Meet me in the ballroom.

No name, though I new who it was because it was in Draco's handwriting. So
this is where he has been hiding on my birthday, in the ballroom. I shook my head lightly and slid the dress on. I looked at my reflection, it was the perfect
fit. I smiled a the mirror, the dress was amazing, and my hair was in its natural waves. I had very little make up on, just lip gloss and mascara. I pulled my shoes on and walked out of the door and towards the door. I inhaled deeply and
took my first step down, as I got near the bottom I spotted him. He was facing
me, though his head was down. He looked amazing, breathtaking even. I
smiled as I took another step down. As I reached the bottom step his head
sprang up and he smiled. He walked over towards me and pulled me into his
arms and pressed his lips to my ears. Shills ran down my spine as his cool
breath washed over me.

“You look beautiful, Happy Birthday,” he whispered, and then pulled back to
look at me.

I smiled my thanks.

He backed away from me and held his hand out.

“Fancy having a dance with me,” he asked modestly.

“I would love to,” I smiled.

He smiled back and led me out on the floor.

With the wave of his wand music instantly started to circle around us.

This moment couldn't have been more perfect, I thought, as I rested my head
on his shoulder. Our bodies were pressed tightly against each others. Then
Draco put his finger under my chin and lifted my face up so that our eyes were
gazing into each others. His face was slowly inching towards mine slowly and
slowly. I tensed up, I wanted to kiss him, I really wanted to kiss him. But I was afraid, afraid that there wouldn't be that spark anymore. Though I guess Draco didn't notice my sudden hesitation because he was still inching towards my face. And soon his lips were on mine, moving very softly. I immediately started to kiss him back, and this by far was the best kiss I ever shared with him, with anybody. He pulled me more close to him, I wouldn't have even thought that could have been possible considering we were already tightly pressed against each other. His hands started to slide down the small of my back and my were tangled into his hair. Our lips moving together, as one. It was nice being this close to him again, it was nice feeling his hands on me, it was nice feeling his lips caressing mine. Ever to soon he pulled away, leaving me to gasp for air as a frown grew on my face. He was looking me in my eyes deeply, no words were said, no words were needed. The silence was amazing, me in his arms, him in mine. The moment was perfect. Then Draco slowly started to recoil away from me and took my hand again and began to lead me out of the ballroom and outside. He lead me to a bench and sat down then pulled me into his lap. I was getting a sense of deja vu.

He finally spoke, “Adriana do you remember what happened in this very spot,
this very position?”

I shook my head, I knew that something special must have happened but I just
couldn't reprehend it.

He seemed slightly sad with what I just told him. So I tried harder to remember,
though it was really hard to. I sighed and looked up gazing at the stars, and
that's when it all came to me. I looked back at him.

“This is was the spot that we got back together,” I said smiling slightly.

His mouth turned up at the sides, “You know that star has been the brightest
for five and a half good years. That star was what gave me hope on you not
forgetting about, hope for you not falling out of love with me. I know it pretty
hypocritical for me to say that, especially since I had been trying very hard to forget about you. Well get my mind off of you, I should say. No matter how feeble or desperate my attempts were it never worked. I was truly, deeply, greatly, in love with you. And now five years later my love grew stronger, much, much stronger, much to my dismay. I thought that my birthday was the happiest day of my life, the day we rekindle what use to be. But today has put that day to shame, the day that I had you arms, the day that I had your lips on mine. Adriana I promise you, I promise Scorpius that I want let anything come between our family. You are mine, and so is he, I would be lost if either one of you were to be gravely hurt--,”

I pressed my lips into his and kissed him long and hard, shutting him up.

“I know you will be here for your son,” I said once I pulled away.

“I will be here for y--,” he tried to get out.

“Draco....” I said cutting him off, he looked I me intently. “I love you too,” I
whispered. He smiled and captured my lips in his once more.


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