50 Theme Challenge

you make a oneshot based on what day.so say the challenge is Love, you'd write a oneshot about love...get it?

Chapter 4

Holding Hands

"Holding hands.every couple does.that,kiss, and makeout. and that's everything i want.it's time for me to confess.to confess that i am bi.it means that i'm into both male and female.and i know i will get teased for it, but hey it's who i am and there's nothing is this damn world that change that" i say
"Ok, that was nice?" Mrs.Brownstein said

i walked back to my desk.people around me were staring at me.i knew they was gonna tell the whole school about me being bi.but i could care less of what people think.i was saved by the bell.i got up as quickly as i could.i walked to my locker and got what i needed for Algebra.next thing i know, i getting slushied by the whole football team(minus Sam and Finn).

"what the fvck is your damn problem Karofsky!"
"were just picking on the lesbian"
"fvck you and fvck all your football losers! I am who i am and you can't change me" i yelled at Karofsky and his gang

i walked into the choir room covered from head to toe in slushie.everyone gasped.

"What happened?" my good friend Quinn asked
"Karofsky and his stupid fvck buddies slushied me cause i'm bisexual!"
"do you have any clothes to change into?" Santana asked
"no, they Amizio slushied me earlier, remember?"
"Hun, come on i got a change of clothes in my locker" Santana said

i walked with her to her locker and then to the girls bathroom.while i was in the stall getting changed; Santana asked me: "do you have a crush on someone?"
"yea, i do"
"mind i ask who?"
"you'll laugh just like the others have" i say while walking out the stall
"i promise i won't"
"yea you, i admire that you don't take any shiit from anyone, like Karofsky for an example"
"Brittany is going out with Artie and i'm single, so..."
"so? what do you mea-"

Santana cut me off with a kiss.

"i love you to, be my biitch?"
"i thought you'd never ask"

we walked back in the choir room hand in hand.everyone looked at us weird.

"Mr.Schu can i say something?" i say
"sure, the floor is yours"
"i'm bi and i'm going out with Santana.i love her and no one can change that about us"
"Can we sing a duet together, Mr.Schu?" Santana asked
"sure, go right ahead"

we sung River Deep, Mountain High.our voices went so good together...

http://youtu.be/_8mlMHtWVnk<----river deep, mountain high

~The Next Day~

i walked into school holding hands with Santana.everyone was looking at us.they was gonna spread this to the whole school and i didn't care cause i was happy with the one i loved and that's all that mattered.i was happy and so was Santana...i was happy to be Holding Hands with her...

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