50 Theme Challenge

you make a oneshot based on what day.so say the challenge is Love, you'd write a oneshot about love...get it?

Chapter 3

Live,Laugh, and Crave for Lust


That's Mr.Moon for some that are wondering...
The things i'd do to you if we were alone, would be imaginably crazy.i can see why all the girls think you're hot.you're absoulutly gorgeous.everyday, my feelings for you get stronger.but the thing is, it's illegal for a student and a teacher to have a realationship.also, you're married, which sucks.but imma find my way just to have you.i don't care if i brake the law or not.i just got to have you.what you don't know, for a few weeks, i laid back and studied and took notes.what kind of notes and studies? about you and what you like and what your wife is like.and no i'm NOT a stalker.then once i had my notes, i made a plan...

After school that day i decided i needed "extra" help.before i walked in, i saw your wife on the phone.so i decided to evesdrop on her.

"i know! and i just don't understand why he became a teacher! i hate kids"
"and yea, i'm just using him.i will file for divorce in like 2 or 3 years..."

gasp! what's this? your so called wife is using you? now does that sound like a really loving or loyal wife? no. and say, isn't there a line in the traditional vows that "you will love each other til death?" and something about being loyal and honest to each other? then i notice she was coming for the door.i quickly ran upstairs to the water fountain to make it look like i just was passing by to get a drink.once she passed the corner, i walked back downstairs.i looked in the window and saw Mr.Moon...

perfect! my plan is falling into place i thought to myself

i walked in and said: "we need to talk"
"your wife"
"she doesn't truely love you"
"no! she does love me"
"really? i just heard she is just using you and she's gonna file for divorce in 2 or 3 years"
"and where did you hear that?" Mr.Moon said getting mad
"from herself. don't get made about her" i say seductivly
"don't do this to yourself"
"do what to myself" i say getting in his lap and untieing his tie
"quit being mad and fvck me already!"

then he locked the door and turned the lights down low.while he was doing that, i cleared the desk for you know..just in case.then clothes began to come off and moans and groan were coming out and it was just a fun...and for me and Mr.Moon, we had to keep out relationship of the DL.everything was fun and games til i got pregnant.when i told Mr.Moon, i mean Dave, he was happy.cause he wanted kids unlike his no good wife.i shouldn't say wife anymore cause she sorta..walked in on us.she threw a pissy fit and left. once i told my parents, they got mad and kicked me out of my own home.then Mr.Moon took me under his wing. and 9 months later, i gave birth to beautiful baby girl Name Kailee Ann Moon Smith.oh just to let you know, Mr.Moon and Mrs.Moon are divorced and i WILL be the new Mrs.Moon....

well there you go.you have no idea how long i was stuck on this.and i know it probably isn't the best of my work, BUT there will be better oneshots i promise.the next oneshots HOLDING HANDS
Peace-Love-Take Care, from
AmberLighting :)

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