Big Time Secrets(BTR Love Story Chapter Three)Lauren's POV.

Big Time Secrets(BTR Love Story Chapter Three)Lauren's POV.

So guys, here's part three, sorry for the little wait!
Nicole will post her POV chapters someday, idk when that will be.
But here's my part!
Thanks for the previous comments!
Please keep them coming, it's what keeps stories alive!

Chapter 1

Chapter Three

Like James said, he met me one hour later at my house.
He was smiling when I opened the door, but that was replaced with a stunned look.
"What?" I asked nervously.
"Nothing, it's just, you look.. amazing!" he wailed breathlessly.
I looked down at the white dress I was wearing, and blushed.
It was really simple, nothing extraordinary like a real wedding gown.
Someone shoved his way through James, and stood next to me.
"Yo man, can we speed this up? I gotta get home or my wife will kill me."
I looked at James with a look that said:"This is your witness?!"
He shrugged, as if saying:"He's all we can trust."
The guy acted like, I don't know, a rapper?
With the way he talked, his swag, and his walk.
But James trusts him, so I should too.
He smiled, and held out his arm.
"Are you ready soon-to-be-Mrs-Maslow?"
I returned his smile, and looped my arm through his.
His friend tapped his foot impatiently, but I tried to ignore that as we walked up to the pastor, who was an old friend of my dads.
We exchanged our vows, an not much to my surprise, James friend tried to rush us.
SO I made sure to say my vows really slow to just annoy him.
"James, do you take Lauren to be your wife?"
James smiled, and I swear I felt my knees go weak.
Tears welled up, and I told myself I would not cry.
"I do."
"Lauren, do you take James to be your husband?"
"I-I do." My voice came out shaky.
I knew that look in his eyes, it was the look that said he liked when I was nervous.
He thought it was cute.
"You may kiss your bride."
James put his hands on my neck, and leaned in closely.
He was so close, I could feel him breathing, and that made my heart race.
We'd never kissed before, we saved for this special day-er-night.
"Forever and always?" I asked.
He smiled again, and his eyes sparkled.
Tears? I don't know, maybe.
But that didn't seem like James.
"Now and forever." he whispered.
I closed my eyes, as I let him kiss me for the first time, and it was unlike anything I've ever felt before.
It was heaven like, amazing, like floating on clouds.
Cheesy way to put it, but I'm to busy being kissed to think of anything better. ;P
It felt like by the time we stopped kissing, it had been two hours, and the pastor, and James friend was gone.
The real case was after our first kiss, everything was a real blur, it felt so unreal.
I pulled myself away from his lips to catch my breath.
"We aren't going to do this, are we?" I asked, running my hands down his shirt, and unbuttoning his top button.
His eyes returned the playful look mine had in them.
"I think we are." he said, unzipping my dress a bit.
"This is so wrong." I told him.
"Were married, we had witnesses, including God. We have every right."
He ran his hands gently over my shoulders, and that's when I gave in to him.
Like I said, it was gonna be a big night, but now..
That's just putting it mildly!


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