bloody mary

Chapter 1

bad things happen

"im so bored,anyone else?" i asked.
"me 2" said amber.
"me 3" said taylor.
" We make cookies, played truth or dare,watched splice,hot tub time machine,and let me in,besides its almost 2:00" said sam." i know!"yelled taylor,"we can do bloody mary!"
"hmmm,well i never did it ,i'll give it a try" i offered.Ambers stared at me with shock."are you sure u want to do that?" asked sam. "yea",i said" anything that keeps me from getting bored "
so we went in the bathroom and i chanted bloody mary 20 times while looking at the mirror.i didnt fell scared or anything because i didnt really believe all this bloody mary stuff but when i looked at amber she looked like she was ready to get the he!! out of here. After i finished chanting nothing happen, we waited and waited. still nothing. "this blows" said amber.
"i know" i said,"im starting to get tired anyway".we went back into the living room, got ready for bed.
----------------------------next morning-----------------------------
I was the first one to wake up , or so i thought. Amber was gone. i got up from the couch ,taylor and sam were still a i walk out of the living room quietly so i wouldnt wake them. when i started walking down the hallway, i saw some strands of light brown hair. wut the ****? i thought. i kept following the strands od light brown hair until it led to the bath room. the door was only open a little bit.when i was just about to touch the door , i notice something red on the door knob . i touch the door knob lightly,then put my hand close to my nose.the smell of it went into my nose ,suddedly i knew wut it was it was blood.
i pushed open the door and there sit near the bath tub was amber.i stood there ,unable to move or scream. Amber's eyes were ripped from her eye sockets,blood was pouring down from her sockets,her head barely had any hair. she just sat there, her mouth open like she was screaming. i looked at the mirror it was broken but it had letters writen blood, i couldnt really read it. i looked back at amber. i gulped "amber" i whispered.
slowly she turned her head towards me. i gasped, my heart started racing. she stared at me for a moment, then she lifted her arm and rolled something toward my feet. i looked down, there i saw two eye balls.i stepped back in terror wanting to get away from amber. before i even got out of the bathroom amber started screaming and crawling toward me.i started to scream and i turn around and locked the door behind me.i pressed my back on the other side of the hallway wall.she stopped screaming and then she pound on the door . with that just one hit on the door it got me running down the hallway. i had to get taylor and sam. but when i got in the living room taylor and sam were gone."oh $#!t" i said desperately.suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder i turned around and i screamed. after that i blacked out.
i woke up, i was lying down on a white bed . at first i didnt know where i was but, then a man came through the door wearing a white coat.i was at the hospital."your finally awake"said the doctor,"how are you feeling?"
"f-fine"i answered,"where's my friends?"the door looked at me sadly "im so sorry"he said.i couldnt believe it they were dead.
"good thing we found you in time"said the doctor,"we found you on the floor in the living room, appearently someone stabbed you in the back and i think try to scratch your eyes out" i touched my face, i could feel three lines on my right cheek.i gasped." bloody mary " i whispered.
"wut?" asked the doctor.
"bloody mary"i said again,"bloody mary did it". the doctor looked at me like i was crazy.he didnt say i told him my whole story but still he didnt believe my,so he called the nurse and my parents . they talked quietly while i just layed there in bed.finally they stopped talking, they walked toward me.
"it seems that you are suffering from brain damage " the doctor began,"you need to be put in special care".
"but im not crazy!" i yelled. before the doctor and the nurse could grab me, i jumped out of the bed ran through the hallway.while i ran,i tried to look around to see if there any exits. just when i found an exit, it was to late the doctor and nurse caught up to me. they started grabbing at my arms and pulling me to the floor,so i kicked and screamed with all my might.then suddenly the doctor put a needle in my arm and i started to feel sleepy.
when i finally woke up found myself in a white room .it didnt even take me a second to figure out where i was."son of b!+ch" i said. i got up from the floor , walked to the door and looked through the little window .there was nobody there just another steel door to look at.i turned around and slowly went to layed on the bed. they didnt believe me at all, they think im just crazy! screw this i thought . if they dont believe what i sad then i'll just show them. so then i when it got dark i went to stand in front of the mirror and i chanted bloody mary 20 times.


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