Severus Snape's Happy Ending

Severus Snape's Happy Ending

Here's my Snape Love Story! it's finally out! i need to give credit to my friend slytherin1996 (Slytherclaw_Lover) for helping me right this!
Name: Elizabeth Potter (Lizzie)
James's twin sister, slightly younger
Thin, Fragile Hourglass figure, average height
Hair, Dark brunette Shoulder length
icy blue eyes
VERY shy

Chapter 1

The Sorting

I was nervous, So very nervous. Freaking out. The sorting. Mom told me and James that it was the most important part of being a first year at Hogwarts. James's new friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew had already been sorted into Gryffindor along with a nice girl named Lily Evans. then at last, my name was called, "Potter, Elizabeth!" My nerves seemed to disappear, replaced by pure fear. I was nudged forward by James, and I walked slowly to the front of the Great Hall, in front of all the students, with the teachers behind me. I sat on a rickety old wooden stool, and a hat was placed on my head. The hat talked, though only to me, Some of the words i caught were shy, kind, and smart, along with friendly. Then to the whole room, "RAVENCLAW"
A wave of relief swept over me, everyone started clapping, but one table was cheering the loudest, so after I got off the stool, i raced over to the table and took a seat. After everyone quieted down, James was called up. "I really hope he's in my house" i thought, I've never been very good at meeting people on my own. The Hat seemed to be mumbling to James, then it shouted "GRYFFINDOR!" I felt sad that James wasn't in the same house as me, but glad he wasn't in Slytherin. Then a boy was called up, "Snape, Severus!" what caught my attention was his name, it was unlike anything i had ever heard before. I looked up at him, and he seemed lonely, like he didn't have a friend. I looked over at James and his friends, and they were pointing and laughing at him! That really made me mad, when i looked back, the hat had barely touched his head when it shouted "SLYTHERIN!" that was the biggest dissapointment of the day, because I really wanted to meet this mysterious boy.

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