The Reborn, a Harry Potter Fanfic, romance to come

The Reborn, a Harry Potter Fanfic, romance to come

Thaks for coming. This is my new idea for a fic. Jenny Avery is a pureblood coming to hogwarts for the first time, when the sorting hat announces that she's neither slytherin, hufflepuff, ravenclaw or Gryffindor. She's a Reborn. Jenny is the reincarnation of all four of the hogwarts founders. Each time a reborn is born, it means that the wizarding world is about to face a whole lot of danger, and it's up to Jenny and the four other Reborn to save it. Romance to be added, comment with who!

Chapter 1


I couldn't tell you in the intro that each one of the reborn is a bit more of one of the four founders than the other three, and they are the same people who have been born over and over again. I'll make two girls and two boys, so comment with who the girls should fall in love with! ( and the golden trio and the rest are in their first years too)

Jenny sat on the worn wooden stool and waited to be sorted. Today was the most important day of her life. It was Jenny's first day at Hogwarts, her first day to meet new friends, the day her life truly began. And the path her life would follow was to be determined by an old, worn down hat about to be placed on top of her head. She closed her eyes and held her breath. The hat was placed on her head and fell over her bright green eyes. A voice filled her head, like she was thinking it, only it wasn't her doing it. The voice of the sorting hat floated around in her head, whispering things to her.
" where to put you.. this is a difficult one. lets take a look shall we? plenty of courage, a thirst to prove yourself, a tender heart, a sharp mind. Hmm. what's this? I haven't seen this in a long time." The sorting hat seemed to gasp. Jenny frowned. Was something wrong? Was she a squib? Were they going to kick her out? The sorting hat called out, strong and clear to everyone listening.
"GRYFFINDOR REBORN!" The hat was yanked off her head, and Jenny opened her eyes to see Mcgonnagal looking at her, shocked. Jenny looked at her, shocked too.
" Gryffindor reborn? What's that?!" Jenny cried, panic evident in her voice. " Am I in trouble? Are you kicking me out?" Mcgonnagal Just shook her head, he mouth slightly agape. Everyone in the hall was whispering now. They were just as confused as she was. Mcgonnagal Took her hand and led her out of the hall out the back into a large room. She whisked her wand and a table appeared, a nice tablecloth and some candles on it. She waved her wand again and some food appeared on the four plates and four chairs appeared.
"Sit fown and eat please. Your housemates will join you shortly. Professor Dumbledore will speak to you after the feast. Just tell your plate what you want and the house elves will send it from the kitchens." And with that Mcgonnagal was out the door.
Jenny sat down at the table and said, hopefully at the plate
"Mashed potatoes?" and instantly a big pile of mashed potatoes with a big slap of butter on top. She took small bites, but she was too nervous to eat much. What was going on? She'd heard of Gryffindor of course, but never of Gryffindor Reborn. What was going on? She took a sip from the goblet on the table, happy to find that it was water. That was all she could stomach right now. A little while late Mcgonnagal came back, a confused boy in tow. He had well groomed dark brown hair and piercing green eyes.. He was very well kept, short fingernails and not a wrinkle on his robes. He sat down at Mcgonnagal's request as she waled out of the room again. Jenny figured that if this was one of her housemates she might as well introduce herself.
" Hey, I'm Jenny Avery. So you've been sorted into this ridiculous 'Gryffindor Reborn' thing as well?" the boy looked at her, confused.
" I'm Marcus Black. I was sorted into Slytherin Reborn." Jenny frowned. This was all so strange. Why wouldn't Dumbledore come now and explain everything? She started picking at her mashed potatoes while Marcus called up some french fries.
" So, Avery, are you a pureblood?" He said, a slight tone in his voice that Jenny recognized very well as the " I'm pureblood and better than you" thing.
" Yes, I am. But it doesn't matter does it?" She said indignantly.
" Oh, well if you think so..." Marcus said with a hit of a laugh in his voice. Jenny shook her head, laughing. That was odd, she[d never really liked the people who were so strung up on blood, but it was as though Marcus was an old friend that she felt she had to like because they'd known each other for a long time. And from the look on Marcus's face, he was feeling the same thing, and was equally as confused by it. five minutes late Mcgonnagal walked in again, this time with a smiling redhead in tow.
" Avery, Black, this is Mary Prewet." Mcgonnagal said and walked away again, coming back before Mary had even sat down with a boy with blackhair and bright blue eyes.
" This is Sam Pucey. Dumbledore will be here in a few minutes." She said and turned and walked quickly out the door, slamming it behind her. This must be everyone, Jenny thought. But how could Mcgonnagle know, Jenny had thought this was a surprise for everyone, and if they were still at "P" how could the sorting be finished? Jenny couldn't take it anymore.
" Does anyone know what the he!! is going on here?" She cried. Mary shook her head sadly, Marcus rolled his eyes and Sam smiled sadly.
" Honestly Avery, If I had any Idea what was going on here do you think that the rest of you wouldn't know by now? I may be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but I don't withhold information if it's for the greater good." Marcus said, which earned him a smile from Sam, Marcus's harsh tone causing Mary to flinch a bit.
" Come on," She said. " If we're to be each other's house mates here in what seems to be each one of the four houses reborn we should make an effort to get along." Mary smiled. "Now lets all sit down and eat. I'm sure the rest of you are as hungry as I am!" Everyone sat down, each of them calling up something different. Mary had Spaghetti, Marcus had his french fries, Sam had some rolls and Jenny had her mashed potatoes.
a few minutes later Dumbledore walked in, smiling. the four kids were all laughing and talking to one another as though they had known each other all their lives. When they noticed him, they all fell silent, and Dumbledore waved his wand an a grand old armchair appeared, which he sat down in.
" I trust, by now, that youve all realized that the sorting hat has put you into a house you've never heard of, and each of you had the prefix of a different one of our houses before the word 'reborn'. I am here to tell you that you are not going to be kicked out of Hogwarts. Why should you be? It is your school." Dumbledore chuckled. Jenny looked at him, confused.
" What do you mean, sir? Our school?" She inquired.
" By that, Ms. Avery" Dumbledore said with a smile " I mean that you four built this school. Yoiu or are the reincarnations of the four Hogwarts founders, and I'm sorry to tell you that now that you're here, our world is in danger." He concluded. Jenny dropped her fork.
" Oh. My. God."

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