emo love story/3

emo love story/3

hey guys sorry i've been haven some trobles but it's up and this time to stay!!!so thanks

Chapter 1

after love after sorrow

you wake up on a monday morning with the sun in your eyes and a beer bottle in your hand and then see that it's only 1:00 am guess school hasn't started yet... you make a tiny giggle at your small joke and slowly get your self out of bed and slowly touch your feet on the wood floor and yown and streach then let out a big exhail of air and wrigle your toes to the cold wood flooring under neath them and breathe in the cold air and slowly drift to the window you pull on your black house coat and slippers and open up the blinds to feel cold air shiver through you with a twinge of excitement because you see all the snow flaks falling and the birds in the trees chirping beside you and when you look to the north you can just see the sun peaking over the horizin like to hello to the ice coverd land it will soon embrace you go over start to pick up the beer bottle and see that you have an e-mail from boy friend chris tellin you he had a fun time last night and saying it was a great party!! you e-mail him back saying thanks you made the party just as good!! you love chris knowing he would always care for you and he always had a tender heart for you and that he was a hero at school always willing to help others and you love him and thats all that matters! you go down the stairs to get a glass of water and pass by the picture of you and your brother 3 days before he died, your brother jake was awesome he cared for you and always loved you and never feard that you would take his place in the family he died 5 days ago your parents and you are still moarning over him but you still kinda feel as though he's with you because chris always reminds you of him they kinda looked the same and had the same additude and always felt the need to help others, you love them both you then blink back to realality and notice your cheaks where wet with tears remembering you and your brother at the park eating ice cream and you remember going into the intersection to come home and the speeding car that never noticed you and he jumped in front of you and the screams of you and your brother and then when you wake up lights all around no ones in the room and for 3 days no one came to visit you except your boy friend and nurses but that same day your boy friends eyes looked shameful and filled with guilt but with what you start to ponder on the subject but then hear one of your parents start to cough and you remember that it's friday you go down stairs and slowly sit down with a glass of water and turn on the tv then a couple hours later you hear your parents come down stairs and you turn your head and slowly say' morning mom, dad how was your sleep?" they just walk pass with hate on their faces and walk past without saying a word acouple hours later your up stairs and getting on a pink striped shirt and a blach dress and long socks and run down stairs and grab your purse a slice of toaste and run to go catch the bus you run down the street and feel so happy as the snow flakes fall slowly fall onto your eyelashes and feel so happy with the sound of crunching snow underneath your feet but then all that excitement flies right out of you as you see the 34 bus fly by you you start running after it yelling" HEY STOP!!!" the bus finally comes to a hult and you get on and show him your bus pass and get a seat at the back your almost at school and then you see your boy friends, friends starting to come on there a group of total jocks and always are soo hard headed, and always love to make fum of you they get on and start to sit down while pushing and shoving each other playfuly and then all of a sudden right when you thought they wouldn't notice you the last one spots you and yells you name and runs to the back and sits right next to you and there all like a pack of dogs they all go to the same place the other does so then obviosly they all come runnig to sit with you and start to talk to you then the leader jeff turns to so your face and face and starts to laugh and you can't help saying" what the h3!! is your problem!?" he lifts his head and says to you" i can't beleive chris still didn't let go of you, like look at you your a total azz" and he starts to laugh and lifts his head and says" you know if he ever breaks you little bitty heart you can always come running to jeffy" he starts to lean in for a kiss and you slap him and pull the yellow string to get off when your half way down the ile he yells to you" B@Be WHERE YA GOING?? I was just jokin!!" you give him the middle fng8r and right befor you get off he yels and you can tell you ticked him off" i'm surprised chris hasn't told you about what he's ben doin on his free time!!" you look at him intreasted in what he just said and a little surprised and then the bus driv yells at you to "get off or be k1cked off!!" so you jump off and start to walk wondering what jeff ment by that whole i'm surprised he didn't tell you but before you can do anything else your at school everything is a normal day hanging out with your boy friend going to your classes but the only thing that you noticed is that your bestfriend looked really anoyed at your boyfriend and looked like she wanted to say something but couldn't but you just shock it off and then started to go home you decided to walk because you didn't want to run into the jocks again when you get home you let down your bag and go to turn on the tv but then you hear sobs and mumbling you stop and start to go up stairs and realise it's your mom crying and your dad is trying to calm her down you look over to see the pic of you and your brother but it's not there you hesr your dad sothing your mom and saying "it's okay it's okay it wasn't your fault" then you hear your mom whisper and half sob" what did we do to disearve this?" and you dad says" we didn't do anything it's not your fault or mine" then you here your mom sobing more and you want to see whats going on so you open the door slightly and and see your mom holding the pic of your brother and you you see your mom staring at the picture and then she goes and strokes the part witrh your brother in it and she whispers" my little boy my sweet little boy you where going to have the best future until..." and she breaks into a whole new thing of sobs and tears but once she goes to your part of the picture her eye's turn to stone and ice and she has not drop of love in her eye's after that and her pain turns to hate and her hands tighten around the picture and all at once she geats upa nd yells" YOU B#TCH!!!!!" and she chucks the photo at the wall and shatters the last thing you had of your brother that would always show how much he loved you and right then you lose you balance a litle and lean on the door and the door opens a liitle more and does a big CREEK and you freeze and feel like time has turned to ice and so have you then your mom whips around some what looking like she would murder someone and her eyes slowly tun to slits and she hisses" you!" and she starts to charge at you turn to run down the stairs but she grabs you by your hair and yanks you to the groundand starts to punch you and then she goes and screams into your face yelling" WHY THE H3!! DID KI!! MY LITTLE BOY"( your brother is 18 she calls him her little boy) and then you punch here and she falls off you and you start to run for the door except your mom grebs your ankle and pulls you to the ground at you again and you start to cry and scream and you look over at yuor dad for help or pity but your dad has a stone cold face with not a care in the world for what is happening to you and all he does is stare at you with a emotionles face then your mom picks you up and slams you into the wall and starts to slap you and then you yell" WHAT??!!! WHAT DID I DO!!???" and you cry and sob for her to stop then she slowly wraps her hands around your throaght and starts to shake you head and choke you and she hisses" why did you kill your own brother, my sweet, sweet little boy??!!!" you stop and say well actually choke out" i didn't kill him he was protecting me yuo would you acuse your own daughter for killing her own brother that loved her more than anything!?" then she stops and whispers/hisses" i have no daughter!!" and she picks you up and throws you into the wooden desk that your father made for him self and when you crash into it you break the desk send slivers all through your skin and you feel the worst pain in your ribs and back you've ever felt you stop and slowly get up and stagger alittle and yell at your mom" YOU F#CK1N B*** I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I COULD HAVE EVER LOVED AND CARED FOR YOU!!!! and you run out of the room crying with pain and lonelyness you slame the door closed and lock it making sure no one could get in and you cry and slowly fall into a misty dreamless sleep... to be continued

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