Love or Lust?A Damon Salvatore Love story

Note to readers: This isnt a group story i just dont know how to write one myself with more than a chapter, because I'm New here.
Info:Name: Ashleigh
Style: Brown Hair Blue eyes Athletic Body, Casual but cute

Chapter 3

Things i didnt want to know, but did.

by: Ashleigh
I was confused, there was a part of me that was actually falling for Damon, but there also is this part where I'm not sure about it. I mean if we did go out what if we broke up? Could you see how that can be awkward considering i live in his house. I really do not know what to do.
"Ashleigh....Hey Ashleigh!" Damon said snapping his fingers in my face. I slapped his hand away. "What?" I said. "Whats going on? You seem like you dont want to be here." He said kind of sad. "Uhmm, sorry where am i?" i asked laughing a little. "School." He replied. I looked at him like he was crazy, i was at school of course i dont want to be here. "Uh Damon, i hate school. Of course i dont want to be here." I pointed out. He smiled, i liked his smile, it was kind of like 'I'm keeping my bad boy look on' mixed with 'wow thats actually funny' He should smile more. "Yeah, you think you hate school, HA! Try going to it for-" He stopped mid sentence, what does he mean? He got held back? No that couldnt be, because he has surprisingly great grades. I was looking at him with a questioning look. "Dont worry about it Ashleigh." He said. I was still confused "Damon, what do you not want me to worry about?" he laughed, looking a little shocked. We were in the middle of math at the time. Ugh math! "Ashleigh what is 3x+y=4" (made up equation) Stupid teacher, why do you call on me when you know i wasnt listening. "Uhm, I dont know. Why dont you tell me." I said a little ticked. He looked at me like i was dumb, like i messed with the wrong person. Little did i know he knew something about me. "Your moms name is Sarah Kunz right? And your dad Bill Kunz?" He said. I looked up at him like he was crazy, i mean those are my parents. "How do you know my parents?" I asked confused. "oh well your mom and dad went here, your mom well she was a b-itch, your dad was stupid, I can see where you get it from now." He said. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes. "You dont know anything about me! I am not my mom! Nor my dad! You dont see me on the streets now do you?!" I was furious. "You will be, just like your parents, I heard they had another girl?" He replied, Damon was looking at him like he was crazy as well. I stood up, Took a math book off the shelf and threw it at him, purposely missing him, I can tell we are going to get along this year. "Get out now!" He yelled at me. "HA No freakin problem! I was going anyway, later jack as-s!" I said leaving. I walked out into the hall and threw my bag down the hall, he had no right saying any of that. I was still confused my parents were born in Miami the moved to cali? How could they actually go here? I punched a locker a couple times, making my hand bleed as well as making the locker dented. I sat down mending my hand, it was pretty bad, I had three gashes across the knuckles. I had no idea why i was so protective, i dont care about them, maybe it was that he said I'm going to end up like them. I saw Damon walk out. He looked to his left the to his right and found me sitting there, with a blood soaked shirt. He looked away, took a deep breath. "Queasy about blood? I'm sorry, I'll go to the nurses." I said standing up, i started to walk to the nurses, i could tell Damon was behind me, because i could hear his heavy breathing. I walked into the office, and the nurse asked me what happened. I told her everything from math to the locker. She understood why i would get mad, but she also known my parents, Like they were a poison or something. She told me that my parents were love birds at first, then there parents got killed by an animal, so they turned abusive, only to find out one day sarah was pregnant. With me. She ignored it until the ninth month. When i was born in the bathroom and thrown in the garbage. She told me a girl named Elena had found me. She said Elena had brought me to A guy named Stefan Salvatore, whose brother Damon Salvatore said they should keep care of it. But Elena had returned me to my mom, who then moved back to california. Stefan? Elena? Damon? She was done wrapping up my hand and i walked out. I saw Damon leaning against the wall. "Come with me" I said confused. We walked out to my car, I got in the drivers side as he did the passengers side. "You remember Sarah Kunz and Bill kunz dont you? You know Sarah the one who gave birth to a baby in the bathroom who Elena picked up then you said they should keep her?" I said. I looked at him for a split second then looked at the road. "Yeah, I remember, Poor baby." He said. I laughed, I was pissed off so badly. "Yeah, poor me." I said. He looked at me for a second. "You were the bathroom baby?" he said. i shook my head back and forth, only because i wasnt happy. "Oh is that my nickname?" I asked. "Damon, that was in 1994, how were you there? You look like you still a teen. Shouldnt you be like 40?" I asked. "Turn around, I'll call Stefan and Elena. Pick them up." He said. I didnt bother slowing down, instead i went a little faster, turned my wheel and hit the brakes. Then i started driving again. We finally arrived at the school. Elena and Stefan got in, then we went to the house....

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