Love or Lust?A Damon Salvatore Love story

Note to readers: This isnt a group story i just dont know how to write one myself with more than a chapter, because I'm New here.
Info:Name: Ashleigh
Style: Brown Hair Blue eyes Athletic Body, Casual but cute

Chapter 2

Snobs, Teachers, And Damon

by: Ashleigh
I woke up to the awesome smell of french toast. It was just like my old home, when my parents were normal, always cooking. I walked downstairs in my white short nightgown. I hadnt realized i was wearing this one till Damon cleared his throat. I laughed. " Good morning Mr. Salvatore, May I introduce you to Wal-mart? They sell shirts ya know." I joked. He wasnt bad looking really, You could wash laundry on those abs if you wanted to. "Well... Your the first girl to decline my body." He stated. He was looking at the counter. "But then again your the first girl that i have known to have her sister killed by her ex." I was stunned, just as he said that stefan and elena walked in with confused looks. "I cannot believe you just said that. You low life a/ss" I said walking to my room. I heard damon say something about a mistake he made, yeah he made a pretty big one, he is lucky i didnt have him against a wall begging for mercy, no one talks about my sister. I walked into my room and got changed into black skinny's a white long sleeve with a black vest, long black boots, and i curled my hair. I was about to grab my keys and head out to go enroll at school. But i heard a faint knowck on my door, "Come in." I said. Damon opened the door.
"Oh, I'm sorry is there something else you would like to say about my sister?" I snapped. He looked at me with what looked like guilt. Good i hope it eats at him. "I'm sorry Ashleigh, i was wrong to say that, I'm kinda used to being a little mean with girls, It's a bad boy look i have." He said looking at a picture of me and Ali. "Well maybe you should make it a habit of not being mean to girls? Ever thought of that?" I asked. He laughed and sat on my bed next to me. "Yeah, but its more fun to watch them make a fit." Wow this guy was into some really weird stuff. "Listen Damon i dont play games. I dont throw fits, But there is a line between joking and bringing up the dead. Consider yourself lucky." I told him into his face. "Well, I play games. So play with me? What would a tiny girl like you do to me?" He asked. "Maybe one day you'll find out." I grabbed my keys and left for school. As I arrived I parked into a spot and went to the office. When i exited the office there was a group of girls by my locker, i walked over to it because i needed my bio book. I saw Damon leaning up against it. "Move." I said kind of of pushing him. I heard girls behind me saying "What gives her the right to touch him like that?" And "How does she know him, i would think you would go for better girls damon, like me." Hahah these girls are so desperate, "Wow desperate much? Yeah he is hot and blah blah blah, but you guys minus well be on your knees kissing his feet. It would probably hurt kneeling on the ground but i bet some of ya are used to it." I said and slammed my locker. I heard damon laugh. I walked into AP Bio, Mr.Gustin Asked me to introduce myself then go sit with Elena. I introduced me as well me, and sat down. "Sorry damon is getting on your nerves, he doesnt know when to stop. I'll talk to him for you." She said. "Elena, its ok really, I think he gets the point to not talk about Ali to me like that." I laughed. We were listening to Mr. Gustin when damon walked in, great. He sat in the middle of elena and i. I was dazing off into space thinking about my past life and how much i would die for life to change. "Ashleigh, Once your out of lala land you can get paired up with your partner for our new unit Chemistry." Mr. Gustin Grumbled. "OK, Who is my partner?" I asked suspicialy "That would be damon." I looked at him as he smiled and said "Were gonna make some chemistry together." He then smirked. Great, Damon and I are on a chemistry project together. This could go one way or the other. Please let it be both. I silently prayed.

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