Love or Lust?A Damon Salvatore Love story

Note to readers: This isnt a group story i just dont know how to write one myself with more than a chapter, because I'm New here.
Info:Name: Ashleigh
Style: Brown Hair Blue eyes Athletic Body, Casual but cute

Chapter 1

Welcome to Mystic Falls!

by: Ashleigh
I am moving to a place called Mystic Falls, I like the name a lot. I used to live in California, but i had to get away from that place, My dad lit a church on fire, my mother sells herself, as for my younger sister, she got killed by my ex. He went insane cause i broke up with him, he knew Ali was my weakness, she was the only thing i had. I couldn't stand the memories there, everywhere i turned people said they know how i feel. There was pictures about my sister and a big service. I parked my car in front of the boarding house that i rented a room from, From what I'm told two boys and a girl named Elena lived there, all my age. I got my stuff out of the car and walked up to the door and knocked. I stood there for a few seconds until a guy opened the door. "You are?" He asked. I looked him over and boy was he hot, but i really cant handle boys right now. "Ashleigh, I rented a room here." I said. He held open the door and i walked in. "Damon help her with her bags please" A female voice said, I'm guessing thats Elena. I turned to her taking in her beauty, I have never seen anyone more prettier than her. I felt like a stomp beside her. "Elena, thank you for letting me rent a room." i smiled, she gave me a warm smile and called Stefan down. "Nice to meet you Ashleigh." He said kissing my hand. I heard someone groan, i looked over my shoulder and Damon took a bag. He walked up the stairs and showed me to my room, I liked it a lot, it was big with White walls And a queen size canopy bed with white covers. I set my stuff down and stared. "Oh I'm sorry, I didnt introduce myself, I'm Ashleigh" I said extending my hand for a hand shake but instead got a kiss. "Nice to meet you, I'm Damon Salvatore." He said with a smirk. I smiled warmly as he left me and the room. He was cute,wow... I went to bed a little early that night because i was tired from the long drive and awoke to a sound. I looked at my clock it was 1 in the morning. I walked down the stairs attempting to not make a sound. Attempt failed. Damon arrived at the bottom of the stairs and looked at me oddly, he had some scotch in his hand. "I heard crying upstairs, are you ok?" He asked. I just realized the sound was me crying i had a horrible nightmare, about Ali. "Yeah, uhm no, ih I'm not sure..?" I said confused. "Can i have some...Please?" He looked at me oddly. "Please, I need it. I cant sleep I had a nightmare about-" I stopped there, they didnt know about her. "Yeah, come on down I'll get you some and you can tell me then." He said walking away. It seemed fair, afterall i was intruding there house. I sat on the sofa and started to cry a little. "Hmm didnt think tough girls cried." He joked, or at least i though. "It wasnt like this before, Well it was but wasnt at the same time, ya know?" I said mostly talking to myself. "No so please entertain me." He said with a smirk. I told him the whole story of my ex and my family, and when he heard about Ali he frowned a little. I was done telling him everything when Stefan and Elena came down. "Damon Salvatore! Do not touch her." Elena said sternly. "Oh Elena i was just telling him something about why i moved he didnt touch me i promise." I said. I guess Damon got pissed because he stood up and threw his scotch in the fire, and it got bigger. "I WAS HAVING A NICE CONVERSATION, AM I NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT?!?!" He yelled then left. Stefan looked at me. "Welcome to Mystic Falls"

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