A Collection of poems

I decided to put all of my poems into one story for . . . convenience. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Behind the Mask

by: _Ripple_
She smiled and sang like everyone,
She told us she was glad,
But alas, she wove these lies,
To hide the truth that her behind the mask,
Her world grew darker and darker,

We watched her smiling with her friends,
We heard her laugh so sweet,
But never did we guess that,
While she hid her soul, behind her mask,
Her heart grew colder and colder,

In her eyes the world was dark,
To her the sun was cold,
It was too late, on the final day,
When she showed us what lay behind her mask,
When she took her life,
And the pool of blood around her body,
Grew slowly wider and wider,

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