Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

I'm starting to think NOBODY reads this story 5 NEW comments for next chapter!
-Leslie Vargas

Chapter 2


"Hi I’m Lilly” I said. My heart quickened at the sight of his face. His blue eyes boring holes in me. Elena and Stefan gave Damon the meanest glare ever possible. They acted cold towards Damon."I assume you're new here?"Damon said his voice as smooth as one could be."Stefan can you show me the class?"I ignored Damon I didn't want to get on Stefan and Elena’s bad side. Damon’s face showed a slight fury but it left as soon as it had appeared." act like I’m not here."Damon said glumly.”Sure Lilly. Bye Elena."Stefan kissed Elena’s forehead and we were on our way to science. Damon rolled his eyes and followed us. We went up the stairs and made a whole lot of turns until the classroom was right in front of us."Here we are Science with Mr. Sanders."Stefan said his voice trying to be happy but it had failed. I walked in the classroom Damon and Stefan hot on my heels. I gave my paper to Mr. Sanders his blue eyes wandered around the room looking for a good place for me to sit."Oh here we go. Go sit over there next to Damon."He said trying to cheer me up but like Stefan he failed. I grabbed my sheet back and I went to the last table in the back. I grimaced and sat in the chair next to Damon. I hated Damon since the start but could I possibly like him. No Lilly snap out of it you don't like him. Damon chuckled as if he could read my thoughts I rolled my eyes and looked at Stefan. Stefan turned spotting my eyes on him. Sorry Stefan mouthed to me I frowned at him and he turned back around. I fished around in my backpack for my red notebook and my favorite pen. After about a minute I finally found them. I put them in my desk and closed my backpack. I could feel Damon glaring at me. I flipped open to my sketching page as the bell rung starting the class. I took of the cap on my pen and started drawing my real mothers face. I concentrated in the detail and how her lips were shaped and I saved the hardest part for last, her eyes. My mom’s eyes were very unique you had to put the most detail and concentration because if you got her eyes wrong everything else was a waste now. The bell rang and I stopped I put my pen down and bent down to grab my backpack. As I came up my notebook was gone. I looked around and I saw Damon looking at my mom’s picture with fascination."Can you give me my notebook back?"I said my voice was annoyed and I felt myself tense at the thought of him seeing my mom."Who is this?"Damon said curiously."My mom can you give it back now?" He handed me my notebook back and he left the classroom I quickly stuffed my stuff in and I left the room heading towards my locker. Stefan was outside waiting for me."What was Damon mad about?"Stefan asked looking at Damon who was now surrounded by a bunch of girls."I don't know."I glanced at Damon and his admirers. Stefan followed my gaze to Damon and looked back at me. I rolled my eyes and Stefan laughed with me we walked down the stairs to my next period. I saw Damon’s eyes follow us until we were out of sight.

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