Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

I'm starting to think NOBODY reads this story 5 NEW comments for next chapter!
-Leslie Vargas

Chapter 1

The move

My ears couldn't tolerate this anymore. I hated the sound of my "parents" fighting! I had just moved to Mystic Falls Virginia what a bore. I wish I could go back to my home where I left everything I loved. My real parents which are dead I got stuck with this foster family which wants me to call them mom and dad. I got out of the room and paced for 2 seconds then I came back inside slamming the door hard. The voices got lower and I grabbed my pajamas. I took off my shirt and put on my old schools spirit shirt on instead. I tucked out of my jeans and put on my pajama bottoms. I pulled my hair into a ponytail I was trying to make it perfect but I messed up a lot. I gave up and got into bed not wanting to go asleep. I couldn't go to sleep school was messing up my brain. Will I fit in? Who will I meet? Are the teachers nice, the students? Those words ran through my mind until finally the darkness engulfed on me and I went to sleep.
The next day was a disaster. My hair was a mess and what the heck was I going to wear to school? I got out of bed running towards my closet deciding on a pink shirt with a boyfriend jacket over it. I grabbed some dark washed jeans and put them on quickly. I went to my bathroom and I grabbed my brush combing out through my wavy brown hair .Ouch! It hurt I had a bunch of tangles in my hair. I should have put my hair in a ponytail. I got out my straighter and plugged it into the wall the little light turned on flashing red. I ran out to my room getting out my black high heels and pulling them into my feet. I got my pearl necklace and my silver ring putting them on. I ran back to the restroom straightening my hair as fast as I could which burned my fingers. I glanced at my nails relieved that the paint hadn't chipped off. I grabbed my backpack and opened the door going down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Whoa there someone is early for their first day of school."My "mom" said. I heard my phone ringing telling me to wake up I forgot my phone. I ran up the stairs fetching my phone out of the dresser while pulling the charger out. I looked at my neat bed there was a little red box with a bow on it. That wasn't there before. I grabbed the box and headed down the stairs. I tugged at the ribbon and opened the box a car key was in there. Well that was weird. I headed to the kitchen staring at the key."Hey what's this key for?"I asked my "parents"."Lily we gave you a present come with us."My mom said leading me outside and went into the garage. The door opened and a cherry red camaro was in there."You got me a cherry red camaro!"I screamed at them. It was the car of my dreams."Thank you so much!"I said running to them to give them a hug."Well a new town equals to a new start, right?"My mom said to me."Thank you thank you so much you're the best parents EVER!"I could see that they were delighted that I said that."Well go on to school now dear dinner is served at 8!"My mom said getting out of the way and going back inside. I ran to the car and opened the door I loved the new car scent that it had. I jumped in and I put my backpack in the passenger seat. I put the key in the ignition and the car roared to life.
--------------------At school--------------------
I got out of my car and grabbed my backpack. Apparently I wasn't the only one with a new car. A black Ferrari was parked next to me. I had my makeup on from the change I got in the car and I was feeling great. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked into the two story school. I walked into the office and when I finished everything I walked to my locker. I looked and looked until I found it. I walked over and I opened my locker."Hey I'm Elena you must be new."I looked up and saw a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She looked friendly enough."Yeah I'm Lilly” I said smiling at her and shoving my unneeded books in my locker. I closed my locker and put my lock back in it."What do you have first period?"Elena asked me. I looked at my schedule and I said “Science with Mr. Sanders you?""That sucks I have art."A boy with brown hair and light green eyes came to Elena and pecked her in the cheek."Hey Elena” He said smiling warmly at her. He must be her boyfriend."Stefan this is Lilly, Lilly this is Stefan."Elena said."Well hello Lilly” Stefan said smiling at me I smiled back not wanting to be rude."What do you have for first period?"Stefan asked me."Mr. Sanders: what about you?"I asked Stefan."Mr. Sanders."Stefan said smiling."So do I." said a strange voice. The voice belonged to a boy with dark hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket and a black shirt, shoes and blue jeans. He was hot."Hi I’m Damon."He said extending his hand.

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