Alonwin, a novel in progress NOT A FANFIC

Alonwin, a novel in progress NOT A FANFIC

This is a novel I'm working on. I want to know what other people think of it before I decide weather or not to keep writing it, so please comment!

Chapter 1

16 Years Ago

Out of the cold, grey mist a lady dressed all in white stepped into the small clearing. She looked around, checking first behind her to see if she was being followed, then around the perimeter of the clearing. The hood of her white cloak rimmed with intricate gold swirls and runes cast a large shadow, completely concealing her face. Her cloak fell down her body, parting slightly down the middle, revealing a similar white dress underneath. A department from the style of the rest of the women her dress had no lacing up, just a simple, white gown that still managed to show off her curvaceous form. Her cloak ended past her feet, melting into the mist covering the ground. A man dressed from head to toe in black stepped out from behind a tree. He made no noise, and seemed, like the woman, to float rather that tread upon the ground. His tunic hung loosely around his chest, the black lacing at the top loosely done up. His form fitting pants seemed both well used and maintained. He wore a black mask, covering only his eyes, which revealed his slightly tanned skin and clean-shaven face. His lips were plump and his cheekbones high. His hair was a dark mahogany brown and fell in chin length waves down his face, a few strands in front of his eyes, which he ignored. He stood tall, about 6 foot 4. The only things on his person that weren’t black or deep brown were his eyes, which were a dazzling bright green and his cutlass, which hung on a silver chain around his waist. The cutlass was sheathed, in black, and only the handle was visible, but the handle was an intricate knot of silver, a pattern similar to the swirls on the white woman’s cloak.

The white woman stepped forwards first, her hand on her hip where, presumably her dagger was hidden in her brown sheath. She spoke to the man, her voice velvety and resonant in the silent night.
"Mithaein, ahatha rin" She wove her words carefully, as though her life and those dear to her rested on the outcome of this conversation. The man nodded, his face stony and expressionless. He stepped towards her and replied
" Helentha, slath hanna" The woman nodded back, her stance becoming less defensive, but still on her guard. The man’s voice was clear and piercing. Hearing it was like dipping your head in a vat of ice cold water; refreshing, yet spine chilling as well. There was something, different, about this man.
" Do you have it?" He asked the woman. She nodded again, drawing a clear glass bottle out of her cloak. It had intricate carvings on the surface and an ebony stopper. Inside was what looked like luminescent bright blue ink floating in water, but there was clearly no water inside the bottle. At the center of the thing inside the bottle was a central point of light, casting a blue glow over the surroundings, making the creepy surroundings even more chilling. The man dressed in black smiled a crooked grin

" Shall we send it now, or have a nice chat first?" He teased, his voice light and mocking. The two people in the clearing clearly had a history together, one that both of them were thinking of at the moment. The woman’s eyes, which were now visible under her hood in the light of the bottle, narrowed.
"This is no time for jokes, Rasmain. The fate of our world rests upon our mission tonight." She said. He shrugged apologetically and nodded for her to continue. The woman uncorked the bottle and the wisp inside of it floated up and out, up into the sky before disappearing into the night. Rasmain looked up at the speck quickly disappearing into the cloudless black night.
" Goodbye, little Alonwin. May you find your way back before it’s too late" and with the end of his words, so was the wisp from the bottle.

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