Finding love( A damon love story)

Okay so I deleted my first Damon love story because I was getting nowhere with it... but now I have a friend who wants their name to remain a secert helped me start a new one that will hopefully get some where, so I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1


Mystic Falls, Virginia 1868
“Damon please, be truthful with me... You know I care not about your past or what you are… for you know I am also half of what you are… can`t you see we belong together?” Brianna pleads. Together we stand out in the garden, the party inside. Brianna dressed the most elegant there.
” You have mistaken my actions as love… You are my friend nothing more,” I shake my head. Tears form in Brianna`s eye.
” So I have lost you forever, Miss Katherine has taken you away from me, clouded your eyes, you think pushing me away will help you forget, you are wrong.” Brianna hisses. I, snarl and pin her against a tree hard my blue piercing eyes glaring into her Hazel eyes.
”Do not test me!” I growl.
” Then love me Damon… admit your love for me… or I shall run away and never come back,” Brianna whispers. I frown and back up trying to find an answer.
”I-I…” I start. Suddenly there’s rustling in the bushes. Sir Elrond steps out, always finding the worse times to butt in. I growl as he looks at Brianna.
” Sir Elrond, right now isn`t a good time, if you`d please excuse us,” I growl trying to keep my voice steady.
“I could care less what you think, Salvatore, I have come for Miss Smith,” He snaps. I notice Brianna cringe and stare at Elrond with an ice cold glare.
” It seems she doesn`t want your attention, now leave before your sorry,” I hiss stepping closer. With force he slams me back, I take note of his strength and throw him back.
” Salvatore I must say for a young vampire you have strength but you don`t know who you are messing with.” He growls. Suddenly Brianna starts screaming a blood curling, torturing scream. I quickly look over at her, she`s thrashing on the ground, I look back at Elrond who has a evil grin across his face.
” Stop it! What are you doing to her?!” I snarl ready to launch myself on him.
” I always win, you will soon learn, that when I want something I get it… She is mine.” He growls and goes to her as she starts screaming, tears streaming down her face as he lifts her up. I snarl and try to get to him but something is holding me in my spot. ” Don`t Touch her!” I growl.” Too late Damon… you had the chance to take her has yours but you waited too long Now she is mine… and just to torture you… every five years at the Mystic Falls festival I will return her too you… for the festival and then I will take her again… You have truly lost Damon,” He smirks. The last thing I hear and see is Brianna screaming my name and Elrond disappear with her.

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