Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 27

part 27 and lets just say that this is the chapter where lots of good and bad things start. i am sorry to say that since school starts tomorrow i wont be posting frequently
im also sorry to say that the series is coming to an end soon... but then again i said that awhile ago.
but please comment i love your comments they make me feel good about my story

Chapter 1

Hermione, You Got to Be Kidding

by: kinewnew
I woke to the light snores made by Draco; I smiled when I turned to look at him. I lifted the cover, and my thoughts were confirmed. I couldn’t believe we did what we did last night. But I’m glad we did it, we were now finally complete. We were made for each other. Draco started to stir, and he smiled when he saw me looking at him. He pulled me into his arms, and placed his lips upon mine. “We’re home,” a voice called form downstairs. I broke away from Draco and he helped me put my clothes back on. I quickly rushed out and headed into my room. “So what did you two do while we were gone,” father asked as he invited his self in my room. “Well went shopping at Diagon Alley, nothing else. Completely nothing, just shopping,” I told him nervously. “Honey, you can tell me anything,” My father told me sincerely. I guess he didn’t believe what I told him. “Well father I do have a question. Why are you friends with Lucius Malfoy, he’s such an evil man. You a Ravenclaw, him a Slytherin. How are you so close?” I asked him truthfully. “The same way you and Draco are now friends. We were once enemies, but your mother had become close friends with Narcissa, which led me and Lucius to be friends. Lucius may have a troubled life, but that is no reason for you to call him evil, understand?” he said. “Yes father,” I sighed. “I would also like you to be careful with Draco,” he told me sternly. “Why?” I asked him. “Don’t question me, just do it.” He told me. I nodded solemnly. “Good, now you should start packing, you have to return back to school in an hour.” He told me while walking out of the door. I jumped out of the bed and my stomach swerved, I raced towards the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. “Adriana, are you okay?” Draco asked from my room. “Please don’t come in here,” I begged him, my voice raspy. I felt hands on my back and my hair being removed from my face as I released over the toilet head again. “Adriana what’s wrong, you were fine 10 minutes ago, and you were definitely fine last night.” He said jokingly, trying to ease the tension. I glared at him, while I washed my mouth out over the sink. I took a deep breath as I walked back into my room. “I’m fine, I guess I just moved the wrong way,” I assured him. He raised his eyebrows at me, “are you sure you’re not sick again,” he asked me. “Draco, I’m positive,” I told him with a small smile. “Well I think I’m sick,” he said seductively. I took his face in my hands and kissed him softly. “Does that make it better?” I asked him. “A little,” he said with a small nod. So I kissed him again but more passionately and he started tugging at my shirt. I pulled away, “ah ah ah, I don’t think so,” I told him and walked over to go put my clothes in my bags. I heard a sigh and a door closing from behind me, I laughed quietly to myself. Boys, such needy people. I finished packing 20 minutes later. “Adriana, mother told me to tell you that the fireplace is ready and we should be leaving now,” Draco said as he walked into my room. He pulled me into his arms, and kissed my forehead. I pulled away and smiled and started heading down the stairs. Father was there to see me off, “Bye, Adree,” My father told me pulling me into a tight hug. The hug scared me, it felt like it might be the last one I ever have from him. “I truly do love you,” he said into my hair. I looked up at him and silent tears were falling down his face. I looked at him with confusion, but he said nothing and handed me the bag with the floo powder in it. I turned and looked at him; the tears were still falling from his face. I took a deep breath, “Hogwarts,” I said. I spun at the spot, and was lying down in professor McGonagall’s office. “Welcome back Miss Smith,” she said. I turned around and saw Harry, Ginny and Ron getting ready to leave the office. Harry turned around and looked at me; there were signs of hurt in his face. “Adriana, I’m so--” he started. “Harry, it’s okay I forgive you. I know you didn’t intend to actually hurt him, but you know what was done was done, so let’s live in the present.” I told him slinging my arm over his shoulder. We walked out and into the Gryffindor common room. Hermione raced up to us and attacked us with hugs. As I lifted my arms to wrap around her, my stomach lurched. I quickly ran to the bathroom, and I heard footsteps behind me. “Adriana are you okay,” I heard from the bathroom door. “Go away,” I groaned placing my head back over the toilet seat. I felt hands lifting me up and pulling me toward the sink. I turned on the water and rinsed my mouth out. “Adriana, are you sick?” Hermione asked me. “No, Hermione I’m not sick. I don’t know what’s wrong, I was completely fine last night, but when I got up this morning I felt the sudden urge to throw up.” I told her honestly. She didn’t say anything, lost in thought. She finally got up and went to her bag and pulled out a small box. She handed it to me and I opened it, though I had no clue what it was. “Hermione what is this?” I asked her waving the little stick around. “I want you to go in the bathroom and urinate on the thin piece of It.” she told me. I looked up to see if there was any sign of hilarity in her face but I found none. “So let me get this straight, you want me to pee on a stick,” I repeated. She nodded, “Wait for about 5 minutes for it to dry then tell me what it says,” she told me. I sighed and walked into the bathroom. I swear Hermione is very weird sometimes; this must be one of her muggle tricks. I placed the stick on the counter and waited for it to dry. Why would Hermione want me to do this, what did she think was wrong with me and how would this stick figure it out? I noticed that it was starting to develop a symbol. I picked it up and joined Hermione back in our dorm. “Hermione what does an equal sign mean,” I told her holding the stick up. Hermione went bright red and took a deep breath before speaking. “Adriana, what exactly did you do when you were at Malfoy’s?” I looked at her confused, “well we sat and talked outside, and he named a star he bought after me. Then we went to the Diagon Alley, and had a mini Quidditch match. But what does this have to do with that stick?” I asked her. “What I mean is have you and Malfoy, done something together other than shopping and talking and playing Quidditch. You know like,” she didn’t finish her sentence and started to blush. Her words replayed over and over in my head as I realized what was implying. I was silent for a long time; I didn’t really know how to tell her. “You did, didn’t you?” she asked. I nodded slowly, “well Adriana, the stick you urinated on is a muggle pregnancy test, and the equal sign means that you are pregnant.” She told me, blushing deeply again. I started to open my mouth, but no sound would come out. Hermione brought me a cup of water. When my mouth was no longer dry I spoke up frantically, “How could this be? We only had sehx just that one time,” I told her. “Well did you use any form of protection?” she asked me. I shook my head, “it was kind a heat of the moment thing. I wasn’t even planning on do anything with him. We were going to sleep together, only sleep, but he had left his shirt on, and he always sleeps with his shirt off. So I started unbuttoning his shirt for him and I got lost at the sight of his chest, and horrified at the sight of his scars. So I rolled us over so that I was straddling his waist and started tracing the scars that Harry gave him. But he started to flinch in pain so I replaced my hands with my lips and slowly kissed down each scar, and he started to moan, have you ever heard Draco moan it’s really sexy, and you will lose any thoughts of abstinence so I had made my way down to his pants. I started unbuttoning--” “okay you can stop right there, I get it.” Hermione interrupted holding her hand up. “What I still don’t understand is why the signs are showing this fast, when I only just lost my virginity yesterday?” I asked her. “You don’t know? Well a male wizard’s semen is much stronger than that of a muggles. That would be because of all the magic the sperm possesses. And because Draco is a pureblood his sperm will work faster and harder than those of half-blood, or muggle-born. I mean surely someone could have told you this like an aunt or your moth--” she stopped midsentence. “Adriana, I’m sorry, I forgot about--” she started, her voice turning high. “It’s okay Hermione, just finish,” I told her calmly. “Well since the Malfoys is one of the most powerful pureblood wizarding families, his semen will affect you more, especially since you are a pureblood witch. I say that your baby should be here in 5-6 months, which is if you intend on keeping It.” she continues. “of course I intend on keeping it, I do not care what my father will think of me, what Draco’s parents will think, and what the students here will think. This is my baby I will take care of him.” I told her sternly. “When will I start to show, though?” I asked her. “You should start developing a baby bump in about a week. You should start feeling kicking in a few days. And in approximately a month you should be able to tell what gender your baby is. ” She told me honestly. A week, that’s the perfect time to tell Draco. But I will start showing in a week, I will start feeling his movements in just a couple of days. And best of all I will know for sure that my baby was a boy. I was starting to love my baby already; I just hope Draco feels the same way I do. I started to exit, “where are you going?” Hermione questioned. “To tell Harry that I won’t be able to play in the Quidditch match next Wednesday, since I start vomiting at any tiny jerk I make.” I told her and continued down the stairs.


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