Dangerously In Love.

Angels and Vampires have been enemy for as long as anyone can remember, well at least that was before Alexis met Noah, an angel different then others.

Written by: spiderfairiie and Writer101

Chapter 1


The girl made a sharp turn into the alley. Stupid, stupid girl. It was so easy getting meals with people as stupid as this. Quietly I followed her, sticking to the shadows, she made her way to a car fumbling in her pockets for the keys, as she was about to stick the key in the lock I walked out of the shadows clearing my throat. Her head shot up and she looked up at me, sighing in relief when she saw a thin, fradgile looking, 16 year old girl, well, 16 looking.
"Can I help you?" she asked in a small voice.
"Yes," I replied smoothly, "You see I am so very hungry, and you look like the perfect snack." Before she got a chance to process what I said I was infront of her grinning, "Nighty-night." I said biting into her neck and draining her blood, the warm blood flowing down my throat felt wonderful after not feeding for a week.
Once I had finished I dropped her, wiped my face with the back of my hand a walked away leaving her lifeless body to be found by someone.
Sure, I'm a 106 year old vampire who kills people to survive but I don't think its that bad, I mean, people kill animals to eat when they honestly don't have to, difference being, to survive us vampires do have to.
I made my way to a club nearby to spend the rest of the night before sunup came and I'd have to sleep in my rundown warehouse. Oblivious that this would be my last normal night in my vampire life.
So this chapter was probably not the best first chapter but I was in a rush because I'm being told to get off and I'm not the best at starting stuff. Anyway, hope you liked it!

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