Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 26

well the chapter title should say it all ;)
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not recommended for children under 12
but i also dont right explicit stories so dont worry

Chapter 1

Nothing Like The First Time

by: kinewnew
I was wondering maybe
If I made you my baby
Could we do the unthinkable?
Would it make us look crazy?
Or would it be so beautiful
Either way I’m saying
If you asked me,
“I’m ready”
I woke up and noticed that I was in Draco’s room; I really hope he didn’t carry me up here. I turned and saw that Draco was on the other side of me, still sound asleep. I smiled at how peaceful and cute he looked. I brought my lips to his and felt his mouth turn up into his smirk. “Taking advantage of me in my sleep Adriana?” he asked me. I rolled my eyes and got out of the bed, “Where do you think you are going?” He asked me. “I’m going to go change so I can practice for the Quidditch match against Slytherin.” I told him. “Oh, in that case you better go, you are going to need all the practice you can get,” He told me smirking. “You think so? Mr. I think its okay to not come to any of the matches.” I retaliated. “You know what, I’ll go down and practice with you,” He told me slowly getting up from the bed. It hurts to see him in so much pain. “Are you sure you want to come, because you can rest,” I told him. “What, are you afraid that I’m going to win?” he asked me. “You know what fine, bring it, but let’s make this interesting.” I said sinisterly. “Like a bet? Let’s see winner has to do--” He started and an evil smile was forming on his face. “Whoa… I think I’ll come up with what happens. Loser has to take to the winner to Diagon Alley and buy her whatever she wants.” I told him. He sighed, his hopes were obviously crushed. I walked out with a satisfied smile on my face. I went into my room and changed into some shorts and a tee shirt. I walked outside and saw that Draco was in the exact same thing except it was Slytherin colors. “Ready to take me shopping Malfoy?” I asked highly amused. “Say Smith, you should know that I’ve been needing a new broom, hope you got your money saved.” He told me. And the game was on. We were off the air; we had conjured up 6 other figures to help us. I made about 9 goals, and Draco was still looking for the snitch. I was up by 180 to 10 and when Draco got the snitch it was 180 to 160, I won. “Ready to take me shopping,” I asked him again. He didn’t seem as upset as I thought he’d be at losing. We walked back in and changed out of our practice clothes and put on some regular ones and we went down to his living room. “We’re going by floo powder,” He said. I nodded and Draco went into the fireplace first, I quickly followed after. “Diagon Alley,” I said clearly into the fireplace. I swirled at the spot, and expected to fall to the ground, but a pair of arms had caught me. I looked up, and was staring into the grey eyes of Draco. I smiled, and took his hand. “Where to first,” He asked me. “Well I think I need a new broom, that nimbus two-thousand and one is old.” I told him. “Well then, how about I buy you a firebolt,” he told me. I looked up at him, shocked. “I was kidding Draco, I’m glad with my broom. I don’t want you spending a lot of money on me. “No Adriana, you won the bet and if you want a new broom then I’ll buy you one,” He told me with a smile. I reached on my tip-toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “What is this?” A voice said from behind us. I turned around and saw that it was Blaise. “What are you doing with my girl, Malfoy.” He asked fiercely. “Your girl? I am no longer your girl,” I told him; my anger was starting to flare up. “Zabini, I advise you to leave before someone gets hurt,” Draco said, with a very serious tone. “I hope you have fun with that little slut Malfoy,” Blaise said and started walking away. I felt Draco stiffen, then he started shaking and I could see the fury in his eyes. “Just leave it alone,” I told him and pulled his hands towards Fred and George’s store. “I am not going in there,” Draco said as we approached the store. “Oh Draco you are so stubborn…. Wait maybe you should stay out here, I don’t think Fred or George would take it lightly if you walked into their store.” I said. “Well in that case, I’ll be right back there is something I need to do real fast,” He told me and stalked off. I sighed and went into the joke shop. “Adriana!” Fred exclaimed as I walked in the door. George came walking towards me, at the sound of my name, and they both pulled me into an airtight hug. “You guys, I can’t breathe,” I managed to get out. They quickly released me, “What brings you here?” George asked me. “Well I wanted to come see two of my favorite people in the world,” I told them with a smile. “How’s Hogwarts? I’m glad we’re not there now, I don’t know what I would have done if Snape was my defense against the dark arts teacher.” Fred said. “Yeah, Snape is a huge pain, but you know it’s all good.” I told them. “I see your eye is healing, that Zabini bastard,” Fred said, his anger swelling. “He is, I just saw him out there,” I told him. “Did he try to touch you again?” George asked. I shook my head, “That’s good, because we might have to personally have to hurt them.” Fred said. I smiled and looked towards the window and saw Draco lingering around it again. “Well, I have to go guys, see you soon,” I told them and walked away. I walked out and took Draco’s hand in mine. “Ready to go shopping?” he asked me. I nodded and we were off. We went to almost every store in Diagon Alley, but I didn’t really ask him to buy me anything. He just bought anything I took more than 5 seconds looking at. I tried to stop him, but he insisted to get it. It was late when we got back to the Manor. I brought my bags up to my room, and changed into my pajamas. I walked into Draco’s room and saw that he was still dressed and laying on the bed. I walked to his bed and got under the cover. “Thanks for taking me shopping today, but you know all that buying was unnecessary.” I told him. He pulled me into his arms and I started unbuttoning his shirt. Admiring his abs, frowning at his scars. I rolled over so that I was on top of him. “Adriana what are you doing,” he asked me with an amused look it on his face. I didn’t say anything and put my hand on his chest. I started to lightly trace the scars on his chest, feeling exactly what Harry did. Draco flinched, so I replaced my hand with my lips. I felt him shudder as I kissed down each scar. Kissing away the hurt, the pain. My lips lingered just under his belly button and brought my hands to his pants. I began fumbling with the button, but Draco pulled me back up and placed his lips to mine. I kissed him back, filling it with want, with need. He rolled me over so that it was now him on top his lips never left mine. He pulled my shirt over my head and his hands made their way to my back as he struggled to unclip my bra. I smiled and brought my hands behind me to help him. I slowly removed my bra, one strap at a time…………….


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