Trapped in a World of Magic (Harry Potter Fanfic)

Trapped in a World of Magic (Harry Potter Fanfic)

A Harry Potter story which contains original and new characters, some changes to the plot, love interest and hopefully a bit of thrilling and exciting story-lines. Set during the books but when they are half-way through schooling.

Written by myself lol. (The other person didn't end up creating any chapters)

Chapter 1

Way Too Far

The sun was shining bright in the hallways of Hogwarts. 4th year student, 16 year old Serenity Frostlake, was making her way from potions class when she spotted two of her best friends, Fred and George Weasley. Sure they were a bit older then her but she was way more mature. But then, who wasn't?
"Fred! George!" Serenity jumped up and down, waving with her free arm as she clutched onto some books with the other. She ran over to them as she clumsily attempted to put her books into her bag, but managing to drop each of them on the floor. Fred and George burst out laughing but Fred helped pick them up and put them away for her. She pulled them both into a tight hug and as they broke away George ruffled her medium length, choppy styled multi-coloured hair which people say she acquired because of her unique power of being able to mildly control the elements and feelings of others.
"We missed you girl!" George tells her playfully in a mock girly voice.
"Speak for yourself," jokes Fred.
Serenity laughs and pinches them both on the arm. "Seriously, I think I make you too worse... But I just can't keep away from you."
"It's because we are so damn fine..." George says as, on cue, Fred clicks his fingers and whistles before high fiving his twin.
They all start walking down the hallway to find somewhere to sit and eat lunch as they catch up and swap stories of the summer holidays. Serenity had not had a very eventful year, the only news she had was that her muggle parents had finally broken up. Both the boys were sympathetic to Serenity but couldn't quite gather why Serenity was not actually bothered by it. The truth was that she and her parents were not close at all. They shared a house, said hello and that was that. They cooked separate meals, did different things in different rooms and they had almost nothing in common, they didn't even feel like her real parents. Not that she knew what real parents were as such.

Serenity was sat on a bench outside, squeezed between the twins staring at the baby blue sky, thinking to herself and thanking the earth for the quiet. George was deliberately trying to annoy Serenity by placing his arm around her shoulder or placing a hand gently on her leg, all whilst Fred played with her hair and whispered obscene gestures in her ear. She was oblivious to it all however; she had a particular talent for ignoring some of their silly antics and getting on with her everyday tasks.
It was only when both boys stopped and walked behind her that Serenity snapped out of her daze and became slightly more concerned. The boys conversed quietly behind her, a mischievous flash in their eyes and an excited shiver in their bodies as they discuss an idea. They whipped out their wands and used a bedazzling hex on Serenity's clothing, making all but her underwear see-through.

This time Serenity fails to see the funny side as they boys lay laughing on the grass and others stifle their giggles. Serenity reaches for her bag and searches through it hastily whilst walking away, but she trips, landing face first with her bum in the air, still only partially clothed. By this point the twins have ceased their laughing and are now more worried than amused by her plight and regret casting the spell. Serenity finally finds her wand and manages to lift the hex but continues to run all the way back to her dorm as the other students smirk and give her funny looks.

She reaches her Gryffindor dorm and collapses onto her bed and fights back the urge to cry. Instead she took deep breaths. In... Out... In... Out... Just like she had practised to control her emotions. 'Way too far this time boys', she says to herself. She contemplates taking revenge on them, but in the end decides that it would just be best to leave them alone for a while and hang around with someone else. She would have to find Luna or someone quiet to hang around with as she wasn't very popular and she didn't really talk to Harry, Hermione and Ron all that much although she reckoned she would get along with Ron quite nicely...

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