Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 50

Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 50

It is Juliet here!
Tanks to Snyantakyi1 for writing the last chapter. :)
So here we go :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 50

by: ImBack_
------Justin's Pov----
"Well......Your wife..." He let out a sigh. "She's Perfectly fine." A warm smile appeared on the doctor's face.
"Thank god!" I heard my mom say from behind me. I smiled about to walk into the room when the doctor stopped me.
"She seems to be in a lot of pain so be gentle." I nodded understanding before running into the room. There was Brooke, with the baby in her arms. She looked away from the baby up at me. A smile slowly appeared on her face.
My mom, scooter and Christian were right behind.

I slowly approached the bedside.

Brooke whispered quietly, "He has your eyes."
I chuckled before stretching my arms out. Brooke placed the baby boy in my arms. His big brown eyes looking at me. His hair was blond, no surprise.

"Hey." I whispered, "I'm your Dad."
Brooke laughed weakly, you could tell she was tired. She let out a sigh before leaning back in the bed.

------Brooke's POV----
That had to be the worst thing ever! it was so painful and i never ever want to go through it again!
Seeing justin sitting with the baby in his arms was the cutest thing ever. He doesn't have another tour planned for a while so he'll be here with me.

"What are you going to name him?" Pattie asked, as Justin handed him to her.
"I want to name him Jake." I said as Justin came to stand beside me.
His face expression change a bit.
"Yes! Jake! I like the name." I said taking his hand in mine. He smirked before kissing me lightly on the lips.


After about 3 weeks in the hospital i was finally able to go home. yes, HOME!
Justin and I bought a house. I couldn't let Justin pay all by himself.
"We are home Jake!" I said as we walked into our nicely furnished house.
I carried Jake into our room where the crib was nicely built.
He was asleep peacefully. I placed him in the crib before turning around to face Justin. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.
"I've missed you." He whispered before kissing my lips roughly.

"We have a happy beautiful family. Everything is coming together."

His phone suddenly rang.
"Hello?" He said. He listened and listen.
"What? NO! NO! But-"
He stopped mid sentence to hang up the phone. His face was turning red.
"Babe, what's wrong?" I asked touching his cheek softly.
"I-i-i-i have to go on tour in May." He said looking down.
I dropped my hand from his face and i began backing up.
"It's march....that leaves....less than two months." I said taking a seat on our bed.
"I'm sorry." He said taking a seat next to me.
"You said you wouldn't have tour for another.....year." I wasn't even looking at him.
I sighed and stood up walking to Jake's crib where he slept.
"It's a world tour." Justin was wrapping his arms around me. I pushed his arms off of me and looked at him.
He had a hurt expression on his face.
"Brooke are you okay?" He asked trying to wrap his arms around me.
"No, I'm really not. This baby will barely get to see his father. I am not going to bring Jake on tour. Can't you do something?" He shook his head.
I heard a small cry coming from the crib. I picked up Jake and carried him in my arms bouncing around a bit to keep him quiet.
"Brooke....i don't get to pick and-"
"Whatever." I hissed walking passed him to walk downstairs and take a seat on the couch. Justin didn't come out of the room. About 30 minutes later Jake was asleep again. I walked back up stairs and placed him in the crib.
I looked to the side to see Justin, on his laptop. I sighed, climbing onto the bed, and laying down. He looked over at me with a blank face than back at the screen. I turned around so my back was facing him. How are we going to make this work?


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