Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 48

I know it's not good! but....don't judge me! I'm going to have Snyantakyi1 write the next one so it should be coming up soon :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 48

by: ImBack_
-----Justin's POV---
I got off the plane nearly running to see Brooke.

"Hurry up!" I said walking out of the airport to the cab waiting for us outside. It was Scooter, my mom, Ryan, and I. I was about to walk to the car when scooter said to wait. I paused letting out an stressed sigh.
Scooter was speaking to someone on the phone.

"Justin, it's for you." He said handing the phone to me. I looked at him confused before pressing the phone to my ear.
"Justin! it's Amy! Brooke is in labor! please hurry!" I could hear the screams the in the background.
"is that Justin on the phone!" Brooke yelled.
"Thanks a lot Justin! How about you come over here and push a baby out of your-"
"OKAY BROOKE CALM DOWN." Amy yelled back.
I heard a chuckled escape Amy's mouth.
"She's not taking the pain well!" i hung up the phone with out a good bye before quickly opening the door and throwing my bags in.
"We have to go! Brooke's having the baby." Everyone's speed quickened.
As we were riding there it felt like the car wouldn't go fast enough.
When we got to the hospital a ran in there not waiting for anyone.
"Where's Brooke Bieber?" I asked the women at the front desk.
"Room......476 floor 6." I took off to the elevator.
When i got to the floor i came to the room where i could hear Brooke's shouting.
I was about ot run in when a man stopped me.
"You may not enter." he said standing infront of the door.
"My wife is-"
"i don't care."
I sighed and took a seat on the waiting chairs.
-------------1 hour later----
Soon a doctor came out. I stood up waiting for him to say something.
"wE have a problem." He said looking down a bit disappointed.
"What problem?" I asked stepping forward.
"See......there's a case where.....we can save the mother and the baby doesn't make; or we save baby and the mother doesn't make it."
I felt my heart break and my knees weaked and i dropped to my knees.
I know what Brooke will choose.
"Oh God. OH God." I said on the floor.
"Please stand up." The nurse said coming to me a bit concerned.
"No." I jerked away from the woman's touch.
"No!" i said tears starting to fall down my face.
I crawled over to the chairs as my mom, scooter and Christian just now walking in.
"Justin?" Scooter said. I shrugged and crawled onto the chairs.
"Mom. Something is going to happen to Brooke. Something bad." I said through the tears. She kissed the top of my head.
"Nothing is going to happen to Brooke. I promise you." I could see the tears coming to her eyes at the thought.


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