~In Love With A Teddy Bear~ {Emmett Cullen Love Story

~In Love With A Teddy Bear~ {Emmett Cullen Love Story

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally deicided to do 1 of these!!!!! Hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think. If It's not good at the beginning it will get better soon. :-)
Hope you guys like it! Comment!!

Chapter 1

~First Sighting~

Well this is just great you thought as your plane landed safely on the ground. You were moving in with your cousin, Jacob Black, and his Father, Billy Black. And you weren't to happy about. You had to drop everything and come up here to a small town called Forks that had a population of maybe what.....10 FREAKIN' PEOPLE?! YOu sighed and got up and walked off the plane. Plus Jacob was a werewolf so you couldn't bug him any of else he would rip your head off. And you LOVED to bug the crap out of him. Looks like that won't be happening anytime soon now.
You sighed and got your luggage(sp?) and went to meet Jake and His Father. Sure enough they were there. HOLY COW!!!!!! you thought as you saw Jake. You knew he had buffed up but not that much. You didn't let your shock show though, because you knew that he would sooooo tease you if he found out about it. You walked over to them and hugged both of them, Billy in his wheelchair, and Jacob standing 7 feet in the air. You laughed internally {lol!} and followed them out to Jacob's rabbit.
"So ___, Do you want to go to school on the reservation or to the local Highschool?" Billy asked on your way home.
"Local. Not that i have anything against you guys, its just that I would feel more at home." You said. You lied, MAJORLY. But you were a good lier so Billy and Jacob didn't pick up on it.
You sighed and shrunk into the seat. You looked out the window to see dreary skys and slight rain falling from the sky.
"Do you guys up here have cold winters?" You asked. Being from L.A. that would majorly bug you to death.
"Yep, and they are usually below freezing most of the time and long." Jacob said a smirk on his face.
"Wipe the smirk off the face Jake." You said looking back out the window. You weren't sure if the rain had speed up or slowed down. It was quiet the rest of the way home.
You had finished unpacking and since Billy had gotten you a new car (the one in the pic.) you had decided to try it out. A Test Run As You Like To Call It.
As you were leaving you heard Jacob call from the lving room, "STAY AWAY FROM THE CULLENS!".
"I can't stay away from them if I don't know what the he11 they look like Jake." You say to him.
"They Live at the very edge of town, you know down that old road." He said willingly.
"Ok I will stay away." You lied.
He is such a retard sometimes you think as you exit the house. The rain had speed up, you could feel it. You rolled your eyes at Jacob even though you knew he couldn't see and got into your car. You started it up and headed down the road he was talking about. You got to the end of it and saw their house. You drive up the drive way.
You go up the front steps, but before you reach the door it is opened by a short pixie like girl. You look down at her and she smiles up at you wildly.
"Hi! I'm Alice!" She says. You can tell she is a vampire.
"Hey Alice, I'm __. I'm here with Jacob. Hes my cousin. But I'm not a werewolf, THANK THE LORD! " You say and you and her break down laughing on the front porch.
"Well come in! Do you know why Jacob wanted you to stay away?" She asked a you walked into the house.
"Yea. You guys r vamps." you say calmly.
Her eyes get wide but she quickly shrugged it off.
"Come the rest of the family _." She said as she disappeared around a corner.
When you round the corner, there were 5 other vampires staring back at you.
"Hey. Im __. Jacob's cousin, but not a wolf. Thankfully!" You say and they all smile at you and the bornze haired one chuckles lightly.
"___? Um yea. This is Edward, Esme, Charlile(sp?), Jasper, and.....um...Emmett." Alice said suddenly getting uncomfortable. You shrugg it off though when Emmett looks at you. It was like....love at first sight but more, but not imprinting either. It was like........A SILVER CORD!! yea thats it. A Silver Cord. It appeared to be connecting you and Emmett's chests together. Maybe your and his hearts?? You stared into his eyes and saw that he saw it to. You tried to look around but you couldn't make you turn away from him for the world. Finally Emmett said something.
"____?" He asked, he almost sounded like a little kid asking a favor from somebody.
"Emmett?" You asked sounding like an even littlier(even a word?) kid, like a 3 year old, asking an older kid if they had seen them or not.
"___? ____. ___? Can you come over here?" Emmett asked, almost as if he doubted that you could walk. You guess that you just looked fragile to him.
YOu nodded your head and wen tover to him. Although, he met you half way there, So you didn't have to walk far. He kissed your cheek ever so softly. Like if he kissed you TOO hard, then you would crumple into ashes. The sun was setting behide you, setting a romantic mood. The sun casted shadows along the living room and among the people/vampires. You had to look up at him but not to far up that it was uncomfortable. You and him fit perfectly into each other. Every curve, Every dent, Every feature sliding in perfectly with each others. Suddenly Jasper cleared his throat.
"Emmett. I need to speak to you really quickly." Charlile(sp?) said really fast almost rushed, wait yea he rushed it out.
YOu saw Emmett nod slightly and he kissed your cheek and followed him into a room and shut the door. You felt dead without him beside you. You fell down on the nearest couch and everybody looked at you.
"What?" You asked.
Everybody semmingly switched topics until Edward said,
"You know Roselie will be back soon. She will suspect something happen."
"Whos Roselie?" You asked nobody in particular. Alice decided to answer though.
"She's well......I guess you could say she's.....Emmett's girlfriend." Alice said.
With that you heart broke into a million shattered pieces. You wanteed to scream with the pain it brought you, but it was held inside you. Edward read your mind and felt your pain. He gasped and quickly shrunk away from your mind, but he couldn't do it. Everybody in the room pactically was feeling it with you. Alice fell to the ground and Jasper tried to help her but he couldn't, he was frozen in place. You finally let the scream get out. It was an ear pirceing scream. It could kill a million lover's hearts in a mili-second.
You kept screaming it hurt you that much. Emmett felt your pain and screamed with you. Your screams went together. Perfectly in tone with each others. Perfect for each other. It was almost like he was inside you, and you inside him. Finally you fell down lifelessly on the couch, breathing ragged. It hurt. Alice was buckled over. Jasper frozzen still in place, eyes wide open. Edward clutching his chest. The words came into your mind again. It hurt even more this time, but you couldn't let it get to you.
YOu got up weakly and rushed out the door. Emmett felt you move and tried to go after you but, he was to late. You were already in your car, And half-way across town. Heading toward Your house. Across the treaty line. Emmett tried to cry out for you, but Roselie came and said,
"Hey!! You know I love you?"
But those words meant nothing to him, because you were his life. And Nothing would change that now. It was WAY to late.

Tell Me If You Guys Like It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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