Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 25

here's part 25 and i finished part 26 but i want post that til later
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Chapter 1

A Star Named Adriana

by: kinewnew
I can’t breathe when you talk to me
I can’t breathe when you touching me
I suffocate when you’re away from me
So much love you take from me
I’m going out of mind
I exited the Hogwarts express, and approached my father. “Hello, Father,” I told him, and went into his opened arms. He took my face between his hands. “Who did this to you?” he asked me dangerously. “Blaise Zabini,” I whispered. He nodded and said nothing more. I looked around and saw that Mr. Malfoy was not there, but Narcissa was and when she saw her son she frantically ran up to him. Pulling him into her frail arms, I saw him flinched. I looked away, I felt horrible, my best friend had hurt Draco. I knew it wasn’t my fault, but I felt like it was. We walked into their little car, and I had to sit next to Draco. He wouldn’t look at me, and he made sure that there was room between us. I didn’t have a problem with that, I was afraid to speak with him, afraid of how hurt he’d sound. When we got to the Manor, not wanting to speak with anyone, I quickly ran to my room. As I plopped onto my bed, my necklace starting glowing, and I knew right then and there that I needed to speak with Draco. I got up and walked towards his door, and with a deep breath I knocked on his door. He opened the door, and his face was filled with grief and hurt. “Do you want to take a walk with me?” I whispered. He looked as if he was going to say no but he sighed and went to grab his jacket. I softly smiled and walked out of the Manor with him. We walked in silence for awhile, it wasn’t the awkward type, the silence was just right, but I spoke up. “Draco, are you mad at me?” I asked him. He sighed, and stopped me. He took my hand and led me to a bench. He sat down and pulled me to his lap. “No I’m not… well I was at first, but I knew you weren’t the one I shouldn’t be mad at, it’s Potter.” He told me. “I’m sorry Harry did this to you, and he’s sorry too, trust me. I was mad with him, but I know what he did was an accident.” I told him sincerely. “You think Potter did this to me accidently, he knew what he was doing when that spell came out of his mouth.” Draco told me, his anger sparking up. “No, he didn’t Draco, it was a spell from his potions book,” I told him. “That was not a spell from his potions book that was dark magic he used on me,” Draco said defensively. “And the cruciatus curse isn’t?” I asked him. As he was about to answer, I interrupted, “look arguing isn’t going to help anyone,” I said. “I know,” he sighed. “You’re eye is healing,” he said as he took my face in his hands. “Draco, can I ask you question?” I asked him. “You just did,” He smirked. “Why did you kiss Parkinson?” I asked him. He sighed, “I guess, I wanted to make you jealous, and then you’d want me back, but the better question would be why the hell were you kissing Potter?” he asked me. “Because you kissed Pug face, and I was a bit jealous,” I told him truthfully. He nodded and we were in silence again, but then I remembered why I had to talk to him in the first place. I took off the necklace from under my shirt and put it in his hands. “Does your necklace glow? Mine does, why is that?” I asked him, and he smiled. “Yes it does,” he said. “But, why?” I asked him. “The necklaces have a special magic in them. If whoever is wearing one, and that person starts missing the person who is wearing the other one, then the other person necklace will glow.” He told me. “So my necklace glows when you’re missing me, well then why isn’t glowing right now?” I asked him. “Because you’re in my arms right now, so there is nothing to miss,” He told me, I smiled and he placed his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, but was gentle enough not to hurt his chest. He took my face between his hands and started kissing me more passionately. “Adriana? Draco?” A voice called from behind us. I jumped and accidently hit Draco in his injured chest. I heard his sharp intake of breath. I slid off of his lap and looked around and saw my father wandering around, looking for us. “We’re over hear father,” I said loud enough for him to hear me. He began to walk towards us, “I was told by the house elf that you two were out here. Well I came here to tell you that Lucius, Narcissa, and I will be gone for two days, so that means you two must look after each other until we get back. You both know the rules, and I expect none of the broken.” He told us sternly. “Yes, Mr. Smith,” Draco said. “Okay father, you can trust that no rules we be broken,” I told him. He nodded and began to walk back to the Manor. Draco looked up and pointed, “you see that star right there?” He asked me. I looked up and nodded, it had to be the brightest star in the sky. “I bought it awhile ago, I never knew what to name, but now I have the perfect name.” He told me. “And what might that be?” I asked him. “Adriana,” He told me, and I smiled. “As long as that star is still the brightest in the sky, then I know that your love for me hasn’t died.” He told me, and leaned in to kiss me again.


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