Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home

me and moomoo98's new story about dumbo from i hope you enjoy... :)

Chapter 3

Just Like A Tattoo

then there was an akward silence.

"this is all my fault" i hear him whisper
"dumbo, this isn't your's was my fault that i wasn't paying attention"
"i hit you though"
"all that matters is that i'm okay"
"i just feel so guilty"
"well don't"

just then the door opened to reveal 5 and 1 girl.5 other cute dudes as i should put it.i turn my head away cause i was shy...

"So you're the girl Dumbo hit" the one with the lip piercing said

then the bigger one said

"Law, way to make him feel better!"
"So instead of this akward moment, let me introduce me to my friends, That's Charles,Chad,Justin but call him Jet Li,Lawrence but you can call him Law and his girlfriend Bianca,and Can"

i slowly waved hi and said

"I'm Kira"
"say can i ask you something" Dumbo
"who was you running away from?"

i looked was way to personal for them to know now.

"I'm Sorry that i asked" Dumbo said
"n-n-o it's ok"

then the doctor walked in.

"you healed nicely, and you can go home anytime you want"
"thank you"

then as soon as the doctor walked out the room, i said.

"i can't go back there, he'd kill me on what i did to him"
"what did you do to him?" Law asked me
"i kicked him in his balls and busted a lamp over his head and it was the lamp his mom gave him..."
"ouch,well you can stay with me" Dumbo said
"but what about clothes?"

then Bianca said

"then me you will go out on a shopping spree"
"sounds fun"

then i got the forms for signing me out of the hospital.then i got dressed in clothes Bianca gave me and then we left the hospital....TBC

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