Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home

me and moomoo98's new story about dumbo from i hope you enjoy... :)

Chapter 2

Matt "Dumbo" Nguyen

I wanted to end my life sooo bad. I hated it. I have been put through so much. I would care if I was to die right here right now. I just wanted to end my pain right here right now. The last thing I saw was the wet cold street and then everything went dark.

1 week later~
I woke up In a white room. not knowing where I was. I looked around and then I saw the door open it was a Doctor.
He said
"Your awake"
"Yah" i said
"What's your name?" He asked.
"Kira Ann Hung" i said answering the question.
"Do you remember anything that happened before for you were here"
I though about the night, the night i wanted my life to end.
"No not really" I lied.
"Your lucky someone was their to save you" The doctor said
"Who saved me from the street?" I asked
"Matt Nguyen" he said
Matt Nguyen
Oh my god I loved him he was amazing he was my whole reason for dancing.
"He would like to see that your okay is that alright with you Ms. Hung?"
"Yeah sure" I said
He walked out and Dumbo walked in and said
"Hey I'm Matt Nguyen but you can Call me Dumbo"
I said"Hi I'm Kira"
"You okay?" he asked me
"Yah thanks for helping me" I said
"Your welcome" he said
I was so thankful for what he had done and let alone I was saved by Matt "Dumbo" Nguyen!!!!!!!!!!!

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