Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home

me and moomoo98's new story about dumbo from i hope you enjoy... :)

Chapter 1

I'm Done With Everything That Involves YOU!

Laying in the middle of the cold, wet street.out of pain.i couldn't believe he used me for his own satisfaction.i had enough of him using me and abusing i planned to run away from him.i never wanted to see him.

"this marks the end of me loving you" i whispered to myself
"here marks the end of me even being with you"

i then walk out of his bedroom.i walked down the hall. and i was almost to freedom when i hear shuffling in the kitchen.i froze in the position i was in.who was in the kitchen? then this person began schuffling through the kitchen to the living was him and he was drunk as hell.

"wherrree youuu goinggg youu whorree" he said studdered cause he was drunk

i just stood there.then he began to walk over to me.i wanted to run but my body just stood still.when he was with in distance of me, he punched me. then he continued to beat me til my nose bleed like niagra falls.then i realized he backed me up against a desk.i kicked him in the balls and got up off the floor with the strength i had and i grabbed the lamp and smashed it on his head.that knocked him out.....for now.i used this time to run the hell out of there.i quickly open the front door then the screen door and i ran.and the worse of it was, it was rainning...hard.and the rain was freezing cold. but anyway, i ran out into the street and began to run in the rain.i kept on looking back and not noticing the car that was coming down the street.then i came to a sudden stop and crashed on the cold, wet ground.i was in pain and some what of me wanted my life to end.....TBC

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