Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 47

Chapter 1

Chapter 47

by: ImBack_
------Brooke's POV-----
I think i'm going to cry.
I inched closer to the black haired girl as everyone watched carefully.
"Hi." She whispered softly. I thought i was seeing a ghost.

"Amy?" I asked about to cry. She nodded and held her arms out. I pulled her into a tight hug.
"I-i-i.....WHAT THE FREAK AMY!" I yelled. she chuckled.
Justin was walking up from behind me looking as shocked as i was.
"Come here, i'll explain everything to you." She grabbed both Justin and i by the arm pulling us to a table. Both Justin and i sat down. I was still in shock. i thought she was.....dead.
Selena, Brandy and the others came over.
"Amy? OH MY GOD!" Selena screamed. Amy flashed a quick smile before explaining everything.
"I had it sounds stupid but, he was obsessed with me. No matter where i went to he would follow me! It was the most horrifying thing ever. So.....i faked my death."
I was listening very carefully.
"I stayed on the down low till they caught him....which they did."
"Does your mom know about this?" Carly asked. Amy nodded.
Her mom soon walked up behind her with a friendly smile.
"Your mom knew too." She said to me. I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest.
"Why didn't you tell me?" I said a bit hurt.
She shrugged before standing up and sighing. I stood up and attacked her with hugs. When i finally pulled away she looked down at my stomach, and she looked at be caught off guard.
"Wow. i missed a lot didn't i?" She sad placing one hand on my stomach.
I opened my mouth to speak when i heard a voice call for Amy. I turned around to see Ryan with the biggest smile on his face. Amy blushed a dark red before shyly walking over to him.
"Hi." She said pushed some strands on hair behind her ear.
"W-w-what are you doing here? You......and....the funeral and-" Ryan was cut off when Amy pressed her lips to his. I smiled.
"They are so cute." I said to Justin. He winked at me, before wrapping an arm around me.
------Justin's POV----
I noticed that there were many fans standing near the Reception. There was a fence with guards to keep them away. I looked away from the scene.
"Justin." Brooke whispered from beside me. I looked over at her.
"I feel bad--for the fans-" Her eyes moved back to the girls crowded outside. She soon got up leaving me there, and walking out side. I was very curious. She was speaking to the guards. The nodded before she opened the gate a bit pulling out three girls and closing the gate again. The 2 girls were jumping with joy. smiling and thanking her. When they got inside they looked very excited coming over to me for autographs and such. When Brooke walked back over to me she had a proud smile on her face.
"What was that?" i questioned as she took my hand in hers.

"Like i said. I felt bad."

The reception went on when i was finally time to cut the cake.
-----Brooke's POV---
Of course Justin thought it would be funny to stuff the cake in my face. Everyone was laughing.
I didn't say anything but ate the cake that was on my face.
"Yummy." I said giving justin a smug smile. Amy was laughing behind.
I took a chunk of cake and slapped it on her face. That kept her quiet for a while.
"Excuse me!" Usher said standing up from his seat. Someone brought him a mic.
"I would like to make a toast to Justin and Brooke." A smile appeared on my face. "I hope you two have a beautiful life together, with the baby. " Everyone put up their classes.
Time and time went on and it felt like this day would never, and i really didn't want it to.
Justin and i were dancing.
"Hey, Mrs.Bieber." He whispered in my ear. I chuckled as we slowly swayed to the music. Others were dancing together nicely.
"I get to call you my wife. Do you know how awesome that is?" He said smiling and leaning forward so his forehead touched mine. His eyes looking right in mine. I felt like i was floating on clouds. Justin's hand on the small of my back pressing us close together.

Before i knew it the reception was over. Justin and i ran out to the limo, getting hit with rice. One person was trying to hit me with the rice the hardest. I'm guessing; Jasmine. Justin and i couldn't have a honeymoon, because of the tour.
When we got to the hotel, which i would be staying in. I'm not going on tour with him anymore. Too much stress.
"Sorry about tour." He said removing the suit jacket. I shook my head and shrugged as it i didn't care.
"It's okay." I lied, pulling down the dress to reveal my bra and underwear; along with my my bug tummy. I looked down and could barely see my feet.
After getting changed i set the dress somewhere safe for now. I changed into some hello kitty PJ's. I walked into the bed room to find Justin watching TV.
"Hey." He said sitting up and giving a nice smile. I gave back a weak smile before laying down on the bed.
"We are married...and nothing can come between us." He whispered.
I smirked and closed my eyes falling into a peaceful sleep.
---------4 months later----
Justin has been around everywhere. I barely get to speak to him anymore. My stomach is huge! Like really huge! Amy has been staying with my mother and i and Justin is supposed to be coming home soon. His tour dates stretched long.
I was drinking soup when i felt a sudden pain from my stomach and lower waist. It has to be the worst pain i have every felt.
"MOM! AMY!!!" I shouted Trying my best to stand up.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." I screamed louder. I heard pounding of their feet as they came down the stairs.
"Brooke what's happening?" Amy asked.
yes it is rushed.......i can't stay boring parts......i skipped... :)
So....uhhh i know it sucks but yeah.... :(


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