Dance Your Way To My Heart

Dance Your Way To My Heart

Riley was just a regular teenage girl until she met the person that changed her life. Will fame over come her? Or will it be love?

Chapter 25

Unforgotten Memories

"What are you doing here Riley?" T.J asked, shock clear on his face. "I had nowhere else to go." I told him, looking him straight in the eye. "Well then. Good to have you back." he said, gathering me in a but and kissing the top of my head.


/"Riley please don't leave. This is where you belong." T.J tried to convince me. "But I promised them." I whispered to him. "Well you promised me too!" he shouted, very angry and displeased with me. "Please T.J... Dont do this." I cried. I didn't want it to end this way. I loved him. "Leave Riley. Just leave." he said,
pointing the opposite direction. I closed my eyes and walked away, my head hanging low. That was the end of everything I knew./

~End of Flashback~

"Riley, you remember Jet, Brady, and Tank." T.J said, pointing at the rest if the guys. "Dayum girl. You filled out." Jet said, coming up to me and looking me up and down. I slapped him across the face for that. "But your additide still hasn't changed." he conceded, holding his face only for a few moments. "Anything else about you change? Except for that fact that your on the cover of almost defy magazine in the area?" Brady asked. "I don't think so." I told them. "You still dancing?" Tank asked. In response, I danced a little, amping up the sex appeal. "Better than ever I see." he said, smirking like an idiot. "Oh shut up." I told him, but slapped his arm playfully, almost like I never left.

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