Breathe In ~Embry Call lovestory~

Heyyy:) I'm SO sorry I havn't been on for so long. It was just too much pressure to finish the other stories. I was pulling out my hair! Anyways hope you understand <3

Chapter 2

Caught in La Push

My walk was long, but I was used to it. My legs had gotton much stronger over this passed year. Now I could walk long distances without my legs burning too terribly bad.
"Turn left and your destination is on your right." My GPS spoke to me. I did as it said, making a sharp left, nearly slamming into a sign that read, I grinned, speaking happily outloud, "Welcome to La Push Washington!" My grin turned into a confused frown, "La Push?" I hit the GPS. Stupid thing never works.
I shrugged. continuing on. What's the worst it could do by stealing a few pairs of clothes, and some food?
I wondered around abit until I found a small store. I pulled up my hood, zipping it up as far as it would allow. With my backpack slung on my back and my retarted GPS in my pocket, I snuck my way into the store.
I cursed as I discovered there wasn't any clothes in this store. I rubbed my face, continuing on. I don't really give a care, food and water is more important.
My eyes scanned the area for anyone watching, I looked up not seeing any security cameras. Strange. I guess this town is small enough to not need them. I grinned, even better for me. My hands snatched off only the important food I needed and many waterbottles.
"You're going to pay for that right?" A deep, yet soft voice came from behind me.
I gasped, dropping the contents that were in my hands. I stared at the man infront of me. Dam, he was beautiful. Yes a man was beautiful. I never thought I would say that before. He looked down at me, something changing in his eyes. I didn't have time to figure out what it was, I had to get out of
I made a break for it, running quickly to the exit. The man caught me, squeezing me tightly from behind. "Okay!" I choked out, "you got me! But I can't fvkin breathe!" He imidetly let go, still holding tightly onto my wrists. I felt mettle objects on them, being locked. What! He handcuffed me!
I struggled to turn my head to see who had caught me. He's a cop! I guess I was too busy starring at his eyes to realize he was a cop. "What are you doing!"
He bent down, breathing on my neck, he whispered, "Taking you in for shop lifting." I shivered, my cheeks turning a slight pink.
He put me in the passenger seat of the car and started off to the station. Keeping his eyes on the road he started speaking to me, "So what's your name?"
"Does it matter?" I asked.
"Yes I have to write something down on the report. Even if you have to make up a name just give me something."
I smirked, "My name is John Smith. Happy now?"
He sighed, "I'll find out one way or another. It would be much better on your part if you told me, instead of making me trace your records."
I chuckled, "I have no records. But tell you what, since you're being so nice I'll tell you my first name. Brooklyn. Like New York."
"Wow that's a beautiful name," he said under his breath.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing. My names Embry by the way. Embry Call..."
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