Breathe In ~Embry Call lovestory~

Heyyy:) I'm SO sorry I havn't been on for so long. It was just too much pressure to finish the other stories. I was pulling out my hair! Anyways hope you understand <3

Chapter 1

Forks Washington, Bloodsucker Central

"Is she alright?" I begged the doctor, fearing the answer.
He sighed, unhappily, bringing his clipboard down to his side, "Your mother," he whispered, tears flooding his own eyes, "did not make it."
My knees became weak, and I clutched onto the wall. What did he just say. "She-she's dead?" I stuttered, looking into the hospital room that held my dead mom.
The doctor simply nodded. "Wasn't there ''anything'' you couldv'e done!" I screamed, grabbing his coat.
A few tears escaped his eyes, "I'm so sorry, but whatever mauled was too seirous."
I let go of his coat, calming down. "What did you say killed her?"
He took off his glasses, rubbing his eyes, and looked up to me, "The only logical explanation would be a wolf..."
A year later
"Happy friggin anaversery," I cursed, swinging my back pack over my back. "AH! CRAP!" I pulled out the knife that had just cut me from my pocket. "Jizz! That hurt." It was my killing knife that cut me.
Ever since my mother had died, leaving me parentless, abandond, I had devoted ''my'' life to killing predetors. I knew that wasn't a wolf that killed her. And even if it was it wasn't some ordinary one.
Yes I'm talking about dirty, filthy, mutts, wearwolves. I believe in them, only because I've spotted one before. I was too slow to kill it, but I have succsessfully killed a few vamps.
Dam bloodsuckers have killed more than their fair share of people.
No use venting my thoughts right now, I have to get this cut taken care of. No one else is going to take care of me. They've tried to, they've tried to take me to foster care, they've tried to give me new parents..but they failed. Horribly. I ran away multiple times. I don't see why not, I'm 16, in two years I would be released from foster care so why waste the time getting to know parents who would just toss me to the side?
I ripped off a piece of cloth from my shirt sleeve. I grabbed a waterbottle out of my bag, pouring it on my cut. I hissed as the water stung, seeping into my hand.
I pushed down, applying force to stop the bleeding. Once it had subsided I wrapped it up, slinging it to my side. I continued my journey to Forks Washington.
I heard from some police cheif that a chick down there got her blood drained from her body. The people were baffled, everyone of them, except for me. I knew immiedly that I needed to get there, fast.
So as I grabbed my stolen GPS out of my bag I sighed happily. (What you can't expect a runaway to get a job can you?) I had finally made it to Washington. Now it was just a matter of time until I got the chance to put this knife to good use...
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