When i met you

When i met you

Alright here is my paramore love story hope you guys like it comment 4 next chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Two people were to be called to the stage, one girl and one boy, to be the homecoming king and queen. Tonight Hayley Williams did her absolute best to look gorgeous. She didn't fail to impress. Her dress was a beautiful shade of green that complimented her eyes perfectly, and with that killer make up, there was nothing stopping people from looking at her. Hayley was happy this was a masked ball, and nobody knew that behind the mask of this stunning girl was the school loser. And she had enough to deal with at home. Her family was breaking apart, and it was all because of money. The family's restaurant business was already failing, and they had a pile of bills waiting for them back home. Tonight, Hayley could actually have a night of freedom and fun. She didn't want to think about money or her constantly fighting parents. And it was her dream to at least be chosen as homecoming queen.

On the other hand, the homecoming king would most likely be the popular football captain Josh Farro. Probably also to be most successful in life, this good looking boy was the senior class's most popular. He was the most eligible bachelor at school, but none of the girls were good enough for him there. He didn't date anyone, which was unusual to his friends, who usually had girls draped over their arms. Josh was devoted to his school, another unusual thing that had his friends confused. To be honest, he wasn't that football player that turned out to be a jerk, like most movies say. He was someone who could sweep you off your feet, treat you like a lady, and still be good looking. Josh was everything to most of the girls at the school. Anywho, he didn't even think twice about Hayley, and Hayley didn't think twice about him. But tonight, all that would change.


Hayley stood at the corner of the room, patiently waiting for the next song to play. There was only one more song left until they announced the homecoming queen and king, and she couldn't feel more nervous. Her friends stood next to her, patiently waiting for a boy to ask any of them to dance. The DJ had just started to play a slow song, and all of Hayley's friends prayed Josh Farro would ask them. Whenever they told Hayley about him though, she would look back at them with a confused look. She really didn't pay attention to the boys in this school, much less Josh Farro. Her friends rolled their eyes as Hayley expressed confusion whenever they talked about him. As Hayley and her friends waited around in the corner, a few of Josh's football friends asked some of Hayley's friends to dance. In no time it was only Hayley who stood alone, in the corner. Little did she know this entire dance Josh had been working up the nerve to ask her to dance, and this was his last opportunity. He wasn't going to waste it.

Hayley looked around nervously and felt awkward to be the only one not dancing. She sighed as she watched her friends dance. Deciding the only way not to suffer embarrassment later on was to go outside, Hayley made a walk towards the door. A sudden grab on her hand was all it took to stop her. "Hey," a tall figure greeted. Hayley looked up at him. She tried to see if she recognized him at all, but no familiar features showed up on his face. "Hi," Hayley replied, smiling sheepishly. She pulled her hand out of his grip. "You want to dance?" Josh asked her, not recognizing who she was at all. The mask hid everything, and neither knew exactly who they were dancing with. "Su..sure," Hayley agreed, walking over to the middle of the dance floor with Josh. It was still the slow, easy song playing, and the two loosely wrapped their arms around each other. Josh's hands fell to the small of her back, and Hayley reached up to place her hands around his neck. "So.." Josh began, trying to start a conversation. "So?" Hayley asked. "Your dress is beautiful," Josh commented. Hayley blushed and looked down at her dress. "Yeah, I guess," Hayley began. Little did he know she was only renting this dress. If she bought it, Hayley would give away a boatload of money. "Why do I feel like I've seen you before?" Josh asked, staring at her face. Hayley shrugged. "Of course you've seen me," she began casually. "We go to the same school. I don't even know you, since the mask is hiding the face." Josh chuckled a little. "Okay, so maybe I've seen you once before," Josh continued. He glanced at Hayley's hair and kept a perfect image of it in his head. Maybe he could find her after the dance and find out who she really was. "You're a senior, right?" Haley asked, looking up at him. Josh nodded yes back to her. "You?" He asked. "I'm a senior, yeah," Hayley said. The song stopped abruptly, and a fast song started to play again. The room came alive with dancing bodies. Josh grabbed for Hayley's hands and pulled her to the side. "You want to talk outside?" He asked her, not wanting her to go away. Hayley smiled and nodded back. "Alright."

The two walked out of the room and out to the back of the school. They silently walked toward the baseball diamond, the only place that had actual lights shining brightly, and not dark, like the other closed areas of the school. Here they could talk. "What did you want to talk about," Hayley asked, standing still in the middle of the baseball diamond. "I don't know, I just, I want to get to know you," Josh replied. Hayley nodded, biting her lip. "What's there to know?"

"I guess what I'm really trying to do is figure out who you are," Josh continued.

"Oh," Hayley answered. "Why?"

"You..there's something different, I don't know what it is," Josh told her honestly.

"Oh," Hayley repeated, feeling a blush creep up her face. There was not one guy who was as interested in her as this one was.

"So shoot. Ask questions, anything," Hayley said. Josh let out his hand. "Well standing still here in the middle of the baseball diamond is really boring. Join me for a walk at the park near here. Come on, we'll be back at the school in no time," Josh said. He wasn't going to stand around here asking questions to her. He needed to take her somewhere where they both could walk and talk comfortably.

When the two walked out of the school and made their way to the sidewalk, Josh was feeling more tense than ever. No girl had made him feel this way. There was something about this one that had him captivated. "What about we play a game of twenty questions?" Josh asked calmly, as they neared the park. "How about..ten?" Hayley asked. Josh nodded, agreeing.

"Okay," Josh hesistated, his brain thinking. "Which would you prefer? A huge cake all to your own, or those little 100 calorie pack things?"

"What?" Hayley asked, giggling a little. "What does that question have to do with anything?"

"Just answer," Josh replied.

"Alright well..I think I'd prefer a cake all to my own. I mean, it's more to eat, really," Hayley answered. Josh smiled to himself.

"You just wiped off like 60 percent of the girls in our class," he said. Hayley chuckled. "Alright, next question."

"Do you want to be homecoming queen tonight?" Josh asked.

"Well, yeah. I mean, every girl does, right? I've just never won anything really," Hayley said. "I'm never noticed in this school either," she added.

"Okay. Are you a cheerleader? Or play any sport at all?" Josh asked.

Hayley shook her head. "I've never, ever played or joined a sport in this school. I used to play with my dad football for fun, but I was never that good."

"Football?" Josh asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. It's fun, I must admit," Hayley replied, smiling up at him. "Next question."

"Do you prefer blond haired boys or brown haired boys?"

"Why?" Hayley asked.

"Just answer the question!" Josh exclaimed, smiling.

"Okay, okay! Um.." Hayley looked up at Josh, who had brown hair. "Definitely brown haired guys."

Josh smiled yet again. "So are you a fan of pink, or black?"

"I would say both," Hayley began. "But black."

"A music store or a fashion store?"

"Music store. Totally a music store," Hayley replied. Josh nodded.

"You've got four more questions," Hayley added.

"Ah, okay," Josh replied. He didn't even notice they were already walking around the huge park field and had taken one lap already.

"Scary movies or chick flicks?"

"Scary movies are way more fun," Hayley answered with a laugh.

"Love or life?" Josh asked. Hayley raised an eyebrow and stared back in confusion. "Just a-"

"I know, I know," Hayley interrupted. "I'll answer the question. Love."

"Singing or guitar playing?" Josh continued.

"Singing. I've always loved it," Hayley answered.

"So you sing?" Josh asked. Hayley nodded with a blush. "I'm okay at it," she said. "Hey, you've got one last question."

"Okay," Josh said, thinking hard. "Would you like to see me again?"

Hayley smiled a tiny smile up at him and bit her lip. "Yeah, actually." She told him. "Would you?"

"I'm going to have think about that one," Josh began, joking. He absolutely wanted to see her again. He looked down at her green eyes, keeping a picture of them in his head, and answered, "Definitely."

Hayley grinned and looked at her watch. "Crap," she whispered.

"Crap?" Josh asked.

"Yeah. The song must be over. They must be calling homecoming queen by now."

"Oh," Josh said, realizing the time. Hayley sighed and shook her head.

"I'm sorry," Josh added. Hayley took his hand and smiled. "Don't worry, we just better get back before I'm late."


Back at the school, both Hayley and Josh had just been chosen as homecoming king and queen, but both weren't there. The principal continued to call for them, but neither one showed up. After nearly twenty minutes of waiting for them to appear, the school decided on having the runner ups chosen. When the two finally got back, Josh was swarmed with his friends and Hayley was soon taken back by hers.

"Where were you?" Hayley's friend asked angrily. "You were the freaking homecoming queen, with Josh Farro!"

"I was?" Hayley replied, shocked. In reality though, she didn't care as much as she did earlier. "Well who is it now?"

"Some blond chick," Hayley's friend answered. Hayley sighed. "Oh well. You win some, you loose some." Her friends stared back at her in disbelief. "Are you kidding me? You could have-"

"Yeah, I know what could have happened," Hayley said, cutting her friend off. She looked down at her watch again. Her parents told her to be at home at exactly twelve, and right now it was 11:45. "Can one of you guys take me home?"

Hayley's closest friend, Samantha, nodded and led Hayley to her car. "So where were you really?" She asked, driving.

"I was with some guy, at the park. We played a game of ten questions, I don't know," Hayley said.

"With some guy? Do you know which guy?" Samantha asked. She wondered if it could possibly Josh, since he wasn't showing up when Hayley was gone.

"No. I don't. He was wearing a mask, anyways," Hayley answered. "I hope I can find him again tomorrow at school."

"Do you think he'll want to find you?" Samantha immediately asked.

"I guess so," Hayley said. She then shook her head. "Doubt it. Well, I bet he'll find me. I have orange hair. Who at our school has orange hair?"

"A lot of people," Samantha answered. She then thought back to the school population, realizing there really weren't many girls with hair like Hayley's. "Okay, maybe not a lot."

"Yeah," Hayley said, nodding. "Not a lot. So he can find me and if he wants to be friends with a dork like me, he can."

"You are not a dork," Samantha insisted.

"Yes I am. You know what people say," Hayley urged, frowning. "But whatever. Forget it. Let's just see tomorrow."


When Hayley entered the school the next day, she noticed more and more girls, even those who didn't have it before, now had orange hair. Everywhere she turned, there was one girl with similar hair as hers. What was up with this? She walked over to Samantha's locker and looked around. "Do you see this? The orange-hairness? People used to make fun of me because of my hair but now..look around." Hayley pointed towards a passing group. "Did it just go back in style or am I missing something?"

Samantha sighed and looked down at the floor. "There was rumor passed yesterday. Josh was looking for a bright oranged hair girl he met at the dance. Now everyone wants to be that girl."

Hayley sighed. Now there was absolutely no chance of her being found.

"Was there anything else he was looking for?" Hayley asked, wondering if she could be that girl.

"Green eyes. You know you would fit for that, Hayles," Samantha answered. "Wait a second," Hayley began. "Who's Josh again?"

Samantha sighed and smiled. "It surprises me you still don't know who he is."

"So who is he?" Hayley demanded.

"The brown haired football player. You should see him around here, when a bunch of girls are drooling over him."

Hayley nodded and spent the rest of the day looking around. She had no idea who Josh could be, since she had never seen him before. She paced back and forth around lunch looking over at the football players, but all of them seemed to have brown hair. Hayley was confused half the time. Samantha had seemed to forget to tell her Josh was football captain, not just any football player.

Hayley was on the verge of giving up, until she was walking down the hallway and passed a trio of tall boys, all with brown hair. One in particular looked over at her and when they both glanced over, their eyes locked and there was some sort of connection. Immediately it broke off because Hayley didn't see the open locker in front of her and slammed her face into it. "Ow!" She said, placing a hand on her forehead. "Hey, thanks," the person at the locker said, smiling, unable to keep his laughter controlled. Of course you would laugh if someone had slammed their face into your locker. Hayley walked away quickly.


"Dude, I don't know why you're obsessing over one chick," Josh's friend Ryan said, watching as Josh stared at other girls, deep in thought. "Look, there are lots of other girls in this school," the boy on Josh's left, Austin, pointed out. "I know, guys, I get it," Josh answered, annoyed at his friends. They just didn't understand anything. "But that girl..I don't know. It's kind of insane. We only met and I'm already freaking out over her. I should just let this go," Josh sighed. His friends nodded. "Yeah, dude," Austin encouraged. "I didn't say I was going to," Josh replied quickly. His friends groaned and continued walking.


Throughout the school day, Josh hadn't made much progress looking for that girl, and Hayley didn't have much luck looking for whoever this Josh Farro was. Unfortunately, the rest of the school year had gone by in a blur and Josh decided to drop it. Soon, Hayley decided she needed to focus on her studies, not some boy, like her mother reminded her. Josh dropped the subject but Hayley always continued to wonder. Though she believed that she had completely forgotten about that boy she met, he always came back to her head. His brown eyes, his brown hair, the memory was still very fresh. But the two went their separate ways, never really meeting each other. As the years continued to pass, the two continued to go on with college. Josh went on learning about loads of things, writing, literature, his music and what his father wanted him to do, be a plane pilot. Hayley worked hard just to stay in college. She was granted a full semester scholarship and learned about photography. She also learned to write everything, from articles, columns, stories and novels. One day she hoped some work of hers could be published. But it was tougher for the poor girl than it was for the rich boy. The only thing Hayley could do to escape the harships was wonder and think about that one night back in high school. It still seemed like it was just yesterday.

So now, sitting here at her part-time supermarket clerk job, Hayley continues to ponder and daydream about what could have been.

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