All Is Well...A Nick Jonas Love Story!

this is 'bout a love story of nick jonas.
info you need to know:
ur name: Quratulain Vawda
ur age:16
Jonas age:

Chapter 1


I had to be one of the luckiest girls on the planet. At least that what everybody I knew thought. I had also thought his when I was having my auditions taken for the new movie 'All Is Well'. I thought I had done good, but not as good to be playing the MAIN ROLE!!
Now I was playing the role of Anna Kaidi, instead of the girl I had wanted to play of Nida. She was not a main role and I was ok with that but now I will be playing a love interest of Joe Jonas.
So here I'am on my way to the hotel that the whole crew had to stay at. I was happy on the outside but on the inside I did not know I would be so scared. To hide my sacredness, me & my 12-years-old sister were singing to Hey-Mitchel Musso. my family moved to USA three & a half years ago. We are really from India. For now our house was in San Francisco and my parents & sister were dropping me off at the hotel in LA. One of my sisters could not make it but I did not mind that.
"Here you go" my dad said, "my lil girl is not a lil girl no more." "Im leaving before dad starts to cry." I said pretending to be annoyed. Then my mom adds "now honey, we all are gonna miss you so much for the next 8 months. you know that." "yes mom, but least dad should not cry" I replied looking at dad who was at the edge of crying. "oh no, I will not cry" he said & did start crying. After he stopped, then we said our goodbye's & I was on my way.
I was gonna make it big time. I just knew It. I pulled the handle of one of my wheeler suitcase & pick up the non-wheeler one. I stepped inside the hotel.
It had been a long drive and I was so tired. The second I stepped inside. i say that there were so many people here. I got scared. What if these people dnt like me? They would kill me then.
A bell boy came to me and took me out of my terrible thought. "Miss.Vawda" he asked. "Yes." "ah, come this way." he said and took my baggages. he gave me a key.
"I will have this put in you room. That is you room key. Also they want you in room 106 which is on the 1st floor." "thank you." I said. I took the keys and went towards the elevator. It seems as though the bell boy feels more confident then me. I felt like a mouse.
I walked to towards the elevator. At the same time this girl who had really wanted to be Anna also stepped in to the elevator. When she saw me, she gave this evil look. "What floor?" she asked rudely. "oh, 1st floor." i replied. When the door opened I stepped out fast because it felt so uncomfortable in there.
"Quratulain" she said behind me. I turned around "yes?" "Good luck!" She said with a smirk. I also smiled "thanks." I did not really think much to why she was smirking. I did not know she had already planned something out to try and get me fired.


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