Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my second story written on Quibblo :)

Disclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and not Quibblo

By the way, this story had poor writing quality because I wrote it when I was around 11 years old, haha.

Chapter 1

Info, Intro, and Chapter 1: Goodbyes

by: MrsRadke
Shane Lacey Parker- (Shae) AGE: 17 (Jan 1)
HAIR: brown, board straight, mid back, w/ bangs
EYE: deep greenish brown (but still pretty)
SKIN TONE: light but not too light
NATIONALITY: Mexican, Scotish, and American (born in TN)
BFF(S): Jennette, Genie, and Drake
STATUS: single, just went through a bad breakup
HEIGHT: 5' 4" but tough like Snooki ;)
Just moved to LA with her aunt Ashley (Greene) because her parents died in a boating accident, and so thats made her deathly afraid of water. (ill explain in detail later) likes: dancing, acting, wrestling, shopping, parties. hates: things everyone else loves like aeropostle, taylor swift (i rlly dont like her in real life either) the beatles, chinese food. she absolutely loves Robert Pattinson and Michael Jackson (team edward)
+ + + + +
Donna Ryan Parker- (Don) AGE: 18 (Nov 8)
HAIR: light black, shoulders, layered
EYE:dark hazel
SKIN TONE: same as Shane's
NATIONALITY: same as Shane
BFF(S): Bradley, Stephenie
STATUS: engaged to Bradley
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
+ + + + +
Jennette Jordynn Spears- (Jeni) AGE:17 (April 30)
HAIR: dirty blonde, butt length, wavy
EYE: light blue
SKIN TONE: light
NATIONALITY: German and Irish
BFF(S): Genie, Shane, and Drake
STATUS: single
HEIGHT:5' 7"
+ + + + +
Genie Helena Murray- AGE: 17 (June 5)
HAIR: jet black, straight, a little past shoulders
EYE: dark blue
SKIN TONE: pale, slight color
NATIONALITY: Asian and American
BFF(S): Drake, Shane, and Jennette
STATUS: single, 'like likes' Drake, though acts like she hates him
HEIGHT: 5' 2"
+ + + + +
Drake Houston Sage- AGE: 17 (Feb 27)
HAIR: really dark brown, swoopy, shoulder length w/ bangs
EYE: light brown
SKIN TONE: almost pale (but he wear makeup)
NATIONALITY: British and American
BFF: Shane, Genie, and Jennette
STATUS: single, 'like likes' Genie, acts like he hates her
HEIGHT: 6' 0"


I'll be so glad when 2010 is over. Why, you ask? Well, first off, I went through THE absolute WORST breakup ever with my now ex, Cameron. Secondly, both my parents died in a boating accident over the summer, so now I have to go live with my aunt Ashley. Don't get me wrong I mean I love her and all but I don't understand why my sister can't just wait a year to go to college to take care of me. I know it sounds selfish but she's practically my best friend and I really need her right now. But no, she'll be out at Dartmouth partying it up while I sit at home watching the carpet stains. And that's not even the worst part of it all, the worst part was that one day in the spring I came home to find my cat munching on the head of MY angelfish that I bought with MY own money. I had a special bowl for it and everything. Rockin' year right? Haha. 2011; you've been warned.

CHAPTER 1: Goodbyes
I stared out the window with a blank expression on my face as I watched the houses get bigger and bigger. "You alright Shane?" Donna asked me. "I don't wanna go." I simply replied. "Well at least it's better than staying at Gram's house back in Nashville." she said. I just looked at her, then back out the window. I could feel the car slowing down, we must be getting close. "Hey look on the bright side, at least you're gonna get to meet Robert Pattinson." she said raising her eyebrows and poking my stomach. I smiled a little, she knew he was one of my weaknesses. "Do I see an actual smile? From Shane Parker?!" she said in a fan-girl type of voice. I smiled with all my teeth then, she always makes me happy. "I thought so." she said, also smiling.
We pulled into the driveway of a mansion. We pulled up to a speaker box with a button on it. Donna pushed it, "hey Aunt Ashley, we're here." she released the button. I heard some static then a high voice. "Alright, I'll have them open the gates for you." A couple seconds later the iron bars moved apart and we drove through.
After we parked directly in front of her house doors, I turn my head to see her come bouncing down the stone steps. She flung herself at us both. "I'm so glad you're here! Oh Shane you look awesome! And ohhhh....... is that an engagement ring I see?!" she asked excitedly examining Donna's hand. She was very optimistic, I don't know why but it made me feel like laughing out of joy sometimes. Maybe living with her wouldn't be so bad. Just then she did her crazy high-pitched laugh. Then I thought, wait, yeah it could. I'd be used to it soon enough though.
Two guys went around and opened the trunk of Donna's car. They started taking all my suitcases and other baggage into the house and up the stairs. That was nice, I'd have to remember to thank them later, whether that's their job or not.
"Hey kid, I gotta go. I'm supposed to meet Brad halfway there." Donna said.
"Now you better be good, cuz I told her to kick your azz out if you aren't. And I promise I'll come visit again for Easter alright?" she said.
"That's like 4 months away!" I yelled. I almost felt like crying. If I didn't have a rep to uphold I probably would've. Too bad a small tear escaped my eye and trickled down and off my face quickly. "I know, I know, but it'll go by like that." she said snapping her fingers. "It better." I mumbled. She pulled me into a bear tight hug and kissed my hair. "Naku penda piya." she told me smiling. "Naku penda piya." I repeated to her. (It means 'I love you too' in Swahili, all the MJ fans know that. Remember? 'Liberian Girl' anyways.) She let go of me and got in her car. Right before she was out of sight, I could've sworn I heard her yell 'HEEHEE' just like Michael Jackson. So, obviously, I spinned in circles and grabbed my crotch. Yeah, I'm just THAT awesome. She saw it, honked the horn, and gave one final wave before disappearing around the bend. Ashley took my hand and led me inside, it was gigantic! "Would you like a tour?" she asked me.
"Isn't that gonna take like hours?"
"Ehhhhh, I'll give you the short version. You can explore the rest later."
I just laughed. She pulled me ahead to an all white living room with a 30 foot ceiling and a lake view. "Living room." she stated. We then went 3 doors to the left into a light blue room with a bed and a dresser and a bathroom. "Guest room." she said.
After that we went up only one of her winding staircases. She led me into a room to the left. It was amazing! It was filled with posters, lava lamps, CD'S, and other stuff. "Your room." she said, proud of herself for doing it. "Seriously?!" I asked her. "Yup." She said popping the 'P'. "I jumped on her back and we both fell to the floor. "You're the best! I love you!!!" I shouted at her. "Okay, okay, I love you too now can you get off my back?" she asked me laughing. I got up off her and helped her up. "Come on, I still have a couple rooms to show you." she said. I followed her out the door, sneaking one last glance at MY room. I just loved thinking that. We went down about 4 more doors to the right. She opened the door, "my room. So if you ever need anything just knock." she said. I looked in there. It was similar to mines, minus the lava lamps. She closed the door again. "Now, I gotta show you the coolest thing you will ever see in your life." she said, straight-faced. "Cooler than my room?" I asked her. "Way." she said.
She walked us into the room across the hall. We walked into what I thought was just an empty closet. Man was I wrong. She closed the door and then a row of 5 buttons lit up blue. She pressed the bottom one, waited a second, then I'm pretty sure the floor beneath us shifted. "Ummm Ash.........? " I asked curiously. She didn't say anything. As soon as the floor stopped she opened the door again and we were............ well, I don't exactly know, but she was right, it was fantastic. We stepped out and she showed me around. There was a movie theater, arcade, and a large mirror for dancing. "Wow.............." I said.
"I know right, this is the basement. You can come down here whenever you want, I always do." she said smiling. "Come on, we are kinda on a tight schedule." she said leading me up yet another flight of stairs. "What do you mean?" I asked her once we were back on the middle floor. She led us into the kitchen. "I'm throwing kind of a small party. It's a welcome home one, for you." she said smiling at me. She wen tin the fridge and tossed me a Rockstar. "Who's coming?" I asked her playing with the metal tab on it. "Oh ya know...... couple neighbors...... some friends........ and the entire Twilight cast!" she told me excitedly. She knew how much I loved it. "Wait, the whole cast?!" I asked her jumping slightly. "Yeah! Even Rob!!!" she said. "WOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed. I pulled her into one of my bone-crushing hugs and kissed her on the cheek. I let her go after I heard some choking noises. She was still coughing a little when she spoke. "We better go get ready then. Party's in two hours."
"Ok!" I said cheerily. And once again we ascended the staircase to get ready for the party of the century.
(authors note: im not to good at endings so srry bout tht. but ummm if u cud plz comment i rlly like to hear wat ppl hav 2 say, so ummm yea thts it i guess. (i want at least 5 responses or 2 comments for pt. 2)

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