More then Time

More then Time is an Iambic Pentameter that I wrote after my ex-boyfriend tore my heart apart. Girls, writting this help me get over my heart break...hope it does the same for you.

Chapter 1


There he goes, as if I was never here
Now my heart is in millions of shards
They say that time can heal all wounds
But now, with people like me, that's not true
We need more then just time to heal our wound
We need to find someone new to care for
To love, to help us get back to normal
They broke us, now we are forever gone
Little can help putting the pieces back
The only way to get moving forward
Is to forgive and forget that one love
One thing after another will hurt you
What you do, is live life to the fullest
One small love can't break you any longer
You are now a free woman, go have fun!

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