Love, A Game We All Play (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Alrighty, ANOTHER love story! Based on the hot & talented star, Taylor Lautner! :)
Name: Jesse Anderson
Age: 17
Birthday: May 7
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey blue w/ specks of gold
Personality: Fun, crazy, & outgoing. Funny, sweet, nice & helpful. Loves dogs & movies.
Other info: A huge Twilight fan. Lives with mom, dad died when she was 11.
(In flashback she is 5 yrs. old)

Chapter 1

A New Beginning

by: vixybear
"Hey! Why do you get to drive?" I asked, pouting. Taylor flashed me a smile, his two front teeth showing.
"Because I'm daddy," He honked the horn. I climbed in the passenger seat and looked at him.
"But I'm mommy!" I giggled. He drove us to our little secret hideout under the deck. I raced him to the door and I beat him. I stubbed my toe on the table we built of wood and I rubbed my toe. It started to bleed.
"Ouch...Taytay, I hurt my toe," I whined. He ran to the kitchen area and grabbed a band aid and put it on my toe, then kissed it. I stood up slowly and hugged him. He hugged me back.
"Thanks Taytay," I said, my head on his shoulder. "You're my bestest friend ever."
"And you're mine," He pulled away. "I love you."
"I love you too Taylor." Then Taylor kissed my cheek, and I kissed his.
End of Flashback....
Yea, Taylor and I were best friends until he moved away, which was when I was 10. I was so alone when Taylor left me. It didn't help a year later that my died, either. He had his head cut off. Tragic, huh? I cried for so many weeks. I guess you could consider me pretty. I had bright blonde hair and greyish-blue eyes with specks of gold. I was skinny, you could say, and tall, about 5'8". You could say that I was pretty tall for a 17 year old. Anyway, enough about me. Let's get to the stroy.
"Oh my gosh Jess! This going to be so exciting!" My friend, Caitlin exclaimed. We were on our way to a Twilight interview and we had backstage passes to meet the cast.
"I know!" I replied, sarcatically. I was excited and I was a big Twilight fan, but my friend, no one, I mean no one, is more obsessed with Twilight than Caitlin. She's like in love with Taylor Lautner. I never told her that Taylor and I used to be best friends. I wore a navy blue dress that went to just above my knee. I wore sparkling silver earrings and navy blue high heels. I put on some pink blush and mascara. I also put on my favorite Avril Lavigne(sp?) perfume.
At The Interview....
I got out of the limo slowly, not wanting to fall. Caitlin and I were allowed to walk on the red carpet. I did my best 'model' walk, and cameras were taking pictures of Caitlin and I. I smiled, and I looked around. I just happened to see none other than Taylor Lautner staring at me. He must've recognized me because his eyes never left me. He hadn't changed much over the years. He was a wearing tuxedo. He had the same pretty brown eyes and spiky black hair. He had gotten very attractive over the years. I continued my way down the red carpet, smiling on my left and right. The whole time Taylor hadn't moved an inch. When I was near him, he smiled at me, his beautiful white teeth shining. I smiled back. Yup, he definately recognized me.
"Jesse? Is that you?" He asked, walking up to me. I nodded.
"Long time no see, right Taylor?" I asked. Taylor pulled me into a bear hug. I hugged him back, smiling. I pulled away and looked back at him.
"So, how have things been?" He asked, his arm resting on my waist. He was obviously trying to be 'professional'. I looked around for Caitlin, and she was talking to Rob Pattinson. I smiled in her direction and she smiled at me, waving. I waved back, laughing slightly. I looked back at Taylor and he was grinning at me.
"Let me guess, another Twilight fan?" I laughed again.
"Yea, you should see what she does with a pillow when she pretends it's you..." Taylor and I laughed so hard our stomachs hurt and tears came from our eyes. Caitlin walked up to me, but her eyes were on Taylor. I smiled at her.
"You know him?! Jess, how come you never told me!" She asked. I looked down at the ground. I knew this was going to happen soon. I sighed and looked back at her.
"Taylor, this is my friend I was talking about, Caitlin," I introduced him to her. He flashed her a smile and she looked like she was melting. "Taylor and I have know each other since we were..." I thought for a moment, trying to remember. "Oh yea! I'd say about 4," I smiled at her. She raised her eyebrows.
"Really?" She asked. Taylor nodded. Then this short fat guy walked over Taylor, a serious look on his face.
"Mr. Lautner, we're airing in 5 minutes, please make your way to the stage," He said. Taylor looked at me apollogetically.
"Hey, can I have your number?" He asked, getting out his phone. We traded phones and I put my number in. We traded back and before he left he gave me a peck on the cheek and smiled at Caitlin, then walked off, waving at me. I waved back, smiling. I turned to Caitlin, a shocked look on her face.
"Taylor freaking Lautner just kissed you!" She exlcaimed, squealing. I rolled my eyes and we walked to our seats.
What do ya think? :) Ok, I would like 6 comments for chap. 2, thanks! Also, your amazing ideas are welcome! :)

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