when 2 packs come toghther too make jacob blacks 8 pack!

when 2 packs come toghther too make jacob blacks 8 pack!

name:louise brown
pesonality:flirty,funny,fun too be around,straight forward,say it how it is
talents:street dancing and siging
in a pack with your brother this is just after breaking dawn but there is no collin and brady and jake didnt imprint on renesmee and also he hasnt spoke too bella sinse the volturi came.

Chapter 2

the pack

when we pulled up too a little house i turned and looked at my brother "liam? this is the new house?" i asked dont get me wrong it was cute but really small "no this is sam and emilys place" he said "oh ok" i said getting out the car the door opened before i could knock a woman stood there she had scars running down her face and i could guess how she got them.we smiled at each other "im emily" she said putting out her hand "im louise but i prefer lou" i said shaking her hand she smiled and montioned for me too go in while she said hello too my brother i walked into the kitchen and saw loads off hot guys except one looked too young and another just looked nerdy everyone looked at me thats when i noticed jake he smirked at me."hey jake" i said "hey lou" he said i walked over too them they was all sitting at a table i sat on jakes lap and he placed his hands on my hips everyone was staring at us "you too no each other?" someone asked i nodded "yep nearly killed each other earlier" i said picking up a muffin and picking it too peices then eating it "im paul" he said and smiled "lou nice too meet you paul" i said he started looking at me up and down then stopped at my chest i snapped my fingers in his face "yo,paul my face is here" i said everyone laughed "and what a gergous face it is too" paul said i rolled my eyes "im quil" another lad said i smiled and nodded "this is (points) seth,embry,jared,paul and obvouisly you met jake" i smiled "any more off the pack?" i asked "yeah brady and collin oh and leah whos seths sister" he said "yes! a girl i thought i was a complete loner" i said but then added seductivly "shame i wont be able too have all you guys too myself" i said winking paul smirking i turned too look jake who was staring and smirking at me i then looked at the boys again "so what do you guys do for fun round here?" i asked " cliff diving the beach footie" seth said shrugging "cool we should go cliff diving when i go too my place and unpack!" i said everyone nodded in agreement "lou come on were going too unpack" liam shouted from outside."ill see you guys in an hour ill meet you at the beach" i said getting up and going outside too liam we got in the car and drove down too the house which was two doors down from a little red house cute i thought we got in and i unpack all my stuff then changed into my red bikini that had sexy on the azz and hot on the bra then put on my grey top shorts and my zebra patterend black and white converses then ran downstairs i said goodbye too liam and headed back too sam and emilys.


"dude shes hot!" paul said (jacobs sister hasnt come yet so he hasnt imprinted" "shut up paul!" i said "why she is" seth added jared rolled his eyes "shes too old for you kid" he said "your only saying that because youve already imprinted" quil said "so have you big woop" jared replyed "well the only people who havent imprinted is me,jacob,embry brady,collin and paul" seth said then sighed "but since me,brady and collin are too young for lou then i guess the only ones who are in for a shot are paul,embry and jake" i shook my head "no ones in for a shot because ive imprinted on her and shes imprinted on me i think" i said i mena if i imprinted on her and shes a werewolfe then she must off imprinted back rigtht?.paul groaned "for god sake jake why did you have too do that shes hot man!" paul said folding his arms i smirked "she has the hots for me anyway" i said smirking "what makes you think that?" paul asked "because she sat on my lap and dont say it was because we met before you too did because she only met me this morning" i said smirking still "fine well make a bet the first too kiss her wins" paul said."fine" i said and shook his hand "its a bet" i said "whats a bet?" lou asked walking in i turned too her "dont matter babe"


i walked into the house and hear jacob say "its a bet" "whats a bet?" i asked "dont matter babe" jake replied "ok then lets go!" i said everyone got up and we started walking too the beach "hey jake" i said "what?" he asked i jumped on his back and he grabbed my legs and i wrapped them around his waist "carry me?" i asked wrapping my arms around his neck "sure" he said and boosted me up a little because i was slipping we walked onto the beach "cool shoes" paul said "thanks i got loads of em" i said he smiled and i smiled back we started walking up the cliffs and jake nearly dropped me "jake!" i shouted as he boosted me up again "what? im only messing" he said i bent my head and bit his shoulder really hard "arghh!"he shouted moving his shoulder i only let go when i tasted blood "what was that for?" he asked "are you kidding you just nearly dropped me" i said he laughed "so you get revenge by biting me and making me bleed" he said "yep because off how fast we heal i thought if i make you bleed then it would stay there for atleast the next four hours!" i said he laughed "were here" paul said i almost forgot everyone else was there when i was with jake it was like it was just the too off us i got off jakes back and took off my top shoes and shorts everyone took off there tops then when they looked up jake,paul,embry and seth was staring hard.i was staring at jakes body it was geourgues! i licked my lips and looked at jake who was now smirking i smirked at him and grabbed his hand "your diving with me!" i said he was infront off me and i had my back too the water he put his hands on my hips while mine went around his neck "ready?" he asked bending his head "defeintly" i said he bent his head further and i got on my tiptoes when paul ran past us and we went off the cliffs and we dropped in the water i came too surface jacob still holding me i looked at paul "idiot your gunna get it big time!" i said "go ahead" he said holding out his arms i got out off jacobs arms and swam too paul and going underwater i could see him looking around the water i came up and jumped on his back by now every one had jumped in the water paul grabbed my legs and srarted rubbing them it took everything in me not too moan.i pulled back and paul couldnt hold himself he went under as i jumped so i was by jake everyone started laughing and paul came up "you no what i say we all have a sleepover!" jacob said i laughed "yeah but where?" i asked "my place my dads at sue's" he said "cool lets go get our stuff" i said getting on jakes back again he laughed and started carrying me back up the cliffs so we could get our stuff.

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